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Your Shooting Journey: From Beginner Drills to Pro-Level Mastery

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The mastery of shooting is the major determinant of your growth as a basketball player. Any athlete or an individual playing a game as a professional needs to be accurate in shooting the ball whether positioned on the right, center, or left section of the court. However, how does an individual go from being a novice shooter to a professional level? Let us find out.

The use of some of the best shooting drill for basketball can help you greatly improve your form and increase accurate shots when incorporated accurately. Eventually, you will be able to perfect your shooting form while coping with critical environments.

Shooting drills help to improve muscle memory and stamina while assisting you to replicate such shots when playing a match.

Beginner-Friendly Basic Shooting Drills

If you are at the beginner level, practicing individual basketball shooting drills is the first thing you need to be trained on. It will lay the basis for advancing to evolved drills and setting yourself up as a pro player. Here are some drills that you can practice daily:

Stationary Shooting Drills

One-Handed Shooting

Just starting out as a beginner player? Try this drill.

  • Stand at any position away from the basket and try to score a shot using only one game.

  • This drill is aimed at improving your control and shooting touch in each hand.

  • Use both hands one at a time to improve your shooting form, technique, and control.

Form Shooting

Want to improve your form? Then perform this drill every day till you perfect it. But how to do it?

  • Shoot the ball while standing not far away from the basket.

  • Ensure proper hand placement and form while shooting.

  • Keep moving your distance from the basket with each practice to improve your skills and confidence.

Two-Handed Shooting

  • Find a relaxing space from the basketball basket and use your both hands to shoot.

  • Keep a uniform motion when shooting and guarantee a smooth release.

  • Repeat this drill by attempting it from diverse locations.

Moving Shooting Drills

Catch-and-shoot Drills

  • Stand at different places on the basket ball court and catch the ball efficiently from a rebounder or a partner.

  • Try to get into your shooting position and instantly release the ball using the right form.

  • This will enhance your shooting rhythm and precision.

Dribble Pull-Up Drill

Dribbling is an important element of basketball that you need to master.

  • Perform a quick dribble to separate yourself from the defender and then stop and immediately shoot the ball in one go.

This will improve your shooting skills as well as team performance.

Spot-Up Shooting

Another excellent drill for newbies is spot-up shooting.

  • In this drill, you start from a stationary position and quickly transfer to a distinct area on the court.

  • Now, take the ball from the rebounder or your partner and shoot the ball in one go. This drill not only enhances your shooting skills but also your catching capacities.

Shooting Drills for Intermediate Players

If you have moved past the beginner stage in basketball, it’s time to upgrade your shooting drills as well. Slowly start practicing more challenging drills to further boost your shooting abilities.

Shooting drills for intermediate players are aimed at integrating decision-making, movement, and shooting under various game situations and conditions. Here, we have curated some of the best shooting drills for basketball for intermediate players to enhance their skills and form:

Shooting off the dribble

1) Pull-Up Jumpers

This is another commonly used drill that improves your scoring opportunities in the game.

  • Dribble quickly towards the basket and stop abruptly.

  • Now, attempt a pull-up jump releasing your ball at the peak of the jump. Sounds interesting, right?

2) Change of Direction Drill

  • To perform this drill, start at the top of the wing or the key.

  • Now quickly dribble towards your basket and do a quick direction change move like the between-the-legs dribble or a crossover.

  • Next, using a single fluid motion, shoot your ball. If you wish to improve your shooting skills off the dribble or enhance your overall agility, then incorporate this drill into your regular practice routine.

Shooting in Transition

1) Three-Man Weave

The name sounds familiar, right? This is one of the most common drills used by coaches.

  • Here, you will line up in a team of 3 players near the half-court line.

  • As a next step, form a three-man weave and pass the ball among yourself. The player having the ball in the shooting range will shoot it.

2) Fast Break Shooting

Like to practice in a team? Then this drill is for you.

  • Start from under the basket and run to the other end of the ground.

  • When you get an outlet pass from a teammate or your coach, perform a layup jump shot. Sounds difficult? Well, with repeated practice, you will be able to ace this drill as well.

Shooting Drills Involving Limited Space and Time

1) Off-Balance Shooting

Next up we have the off-balance shooting drill. Create off-balance shooting scenarios and lean to your left or right when shooting. Want to challenge yourself more? Then try to jump off on one foot or fade away more from your basket when shooting. This drill is a savior if you want to upgrade your shooting abilities in a challenging situation.

Shooting Drills for Pro-level Players

Well, if you think shooting drills are not important for elite players, then you are wrong. Do you know what makes you consistent in your performance? Regular practice and skill improvement. We have curated a few drills for pro-level players which are challenging and imitate high-intensity game situations. These are as follows:

Game-Like Scenarios

What if we are able to practice in a real-time game scenario? When you know how to perform in various game situations, you will be able to perform better on the court.

1) Step-Back Shooting

Your coach is likely to introduce steps like James Harden’s step-back or Dirk Nowitzki’s gateway to create space and swiftly shoot over your defender. Not aware of these drills yet? It’s time to try them out if you want to bring shooting versatility and improved team performance.

2) Scramble Shooting

Have you come across a game situation wherein you are required to find open spots in the court and shoot in a chaotic environment? This drill replicates the same.

Time Constraint Shooting Drills

1) Shot Clock Shooting

Want to challenge yourself more? Set a time limit of your choice and try to score a shot before the time limit expires. This drill serves primarily two functions:

  • Shooting under time pressure

  • Decision-making skills

2) Conditioning Shooting

We all have a habit of leaving our practice sessions when we feel fatigued, don’t we? In this drill, you perform conditioning exercises like suicide or sprints and then practice your drill. This will boost your mental as well as physical toughness.


Does your shooting journey look difficult or are you having a tough time improving your performance? Do you know which element of basketball is common for all levels of players? Drills. The best shooting drills for basketball will move you through the journey from being a beginner-level player to becoming an elite player. At each step of your journey, incorporate the right drills to challenge and improve yourself. After all, we all want to become the best version of ourselves, don’t we?

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