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Although rewarding, investment in initial public offerings (IPOs) can be challenging. When a firm splits ownership with the public, it conducts an initial public offering (IPO), giving investors a thrilling chance to own its stocks. But it sounds complex, right? Through their IPO with Zerodha choices, businesses like Zerodha make it easier for you to do it.

This article will outline each step of applying for IPOs using a Zerodha trading account. We aim to guarantee that prospective investors are informed and conscious of the difficulties involved and the need for research. By observing these guidelines, you may easily navigate the IPO environment and embark on a path to future growth and financial success.

What is an IPO?

An initial public offering, or IPO, is a crucial turning point in a company’s development. It denotes the initial public offering of a company’s shares. IPOs give investors a rare chance to have early claims in a potentially successful business. They do, however, also have certain inherent risks.

Zerodha Review

An online discount broker that serves Indian investors, Zerodha, stands out for its benefits over rivals. It is also known for its affordable brokerage costs, cutting-edge trading platforms, and instructional materials, making it an excellent choice for investors of every level of expertise.


  • Low brokerage costs
  • Cutting-edge trading platforms
  • A wealth of instructional resources
  • Various investing options
  • Dependable client service


  • Only for Indian citizens
  • Account opening may take some time
  • Lack of research services and margin financing

In conclusion, Indian investors looking for affordable and user-friendly trading and investing alternatives should strongly consider Zerodha. However, it’s crucial to highlight that it lacks research services and margin funding possibilities, underlining the necessity for investors to perform their due diligence.

Zerodha – Your Gateway to IPOs

A reputable online brokerage that makes the application procedure for IPOs simple is Zerodha. A Zerodha trading account and a Unified Payments Interface (UPI) ID are required to start.

Step 1: Create a Zerodha Demat And Trading Account

Visit the Zerodha website to set up a Demat and trading account if you don’t already have one. Upon registration, you must submit basic personal information, such as your name, address, and PAN number.

Step 2: Link Your UPI ID

Linking a UPI ID to your Zerodha account is essential for smooth transactions. Payments over the Unified Payments Interface are made possible via a UPI ID, a unique identification number. You must enter your bank account information and UPI PIN for verification to link your UPI ID.

Step 3: Traversing the IPO Landscape with Zerodha

After you’ve set up your Zerodha trading account and linked your UPI ID, you may start receiving notifications when there is an Upcoming IPO in India. For this reason, Zerodha provides numerous resources:

  • Zerodha IPO Calendar

This comprehensive calendar includes all planned initial public offerings (IPOs), including crucial characteristics such as the issue price, bidding dates, and lot size.

  • Zerodha IPO Watchlist

Make a personalized watchlist of the IPOs you’re interested in following.

  • Zerodha IPO Newsletter

Receive frequent emails with information on forthcoming IPOs.

Step 4: Applying for an IPO

When an IPO becomes available for bidding, you can apply for it using the Zerodha trading platform.

  • Access your Zerodha trading account
  • Go to the “IPO” section
  • Choose the IPO for which you wish to apply
  • Enter the number of shares you want to bid on
  • Enter your unique UPI ID
  • Apply your application by clicking “Apply”

Step 5: Acknowledging the UPI Mandate

After filing your IPO application, you will receive a UPI mandate on your registered cellphone number. To authenticate your application, you must quickly accept this obligation within the allotted time.

Step 6: Tracking IPO Allotment Status

Shares are distributed to winning bidders when the bidding procedure has concluded. Through the Zerodha trading site, you may keep an eye on the allocation progress for your application.

Section 5: IPO Allotment and Beyond

The necessary amounts are temporarily frozen in your associated bank account once you receive your IPO shares. Following the formal listing of the IPO, your Demat and trading account adds these shares.

Utilizing Zerodha to Exercise Wise Investing

Making wise selections is essential to investing in IPOs through Zerodha; it goes beyond simply following instructions. Here are some more ideas to improve your IPO investing plan:

Tip 1: Research

Examine the company’s business model, financial situation, industry situation, and development potential before applying for any IPO. Recognize the hazards related to the sector and the particular business.

Tip 2: Make Wise Investments

Only invest in IPOs that fit your risk appetite and investing philosophy. Keep your commitments reasonable and invest what you can afford to lose.

Tip 3: Patience Is Key

IPOs’ initial trading phases might be unpredictable. Expecting immediate earnings is unrealistic. Be ready for market changes and keep a long-term view.

Tip 4: Diversify

IPOs may be alluring, but make sure your investing portfolio is balanced. Spread your investments among various assets rather than investing all of your money in one IPO to reduce risk.

Tip 5: Stay Informed

Even after the IPO, keep an eye on the business’s success and market developments. Making timely judgments might be aided by knowledge of market changes.

By incorporating these suggestions into your IPO investing plan, you can make more intelligent choices to increase your potential for success in the challenging IPO market.

The final Word

If you follow the instructions, applying for an IPO using a Zerodha trading account is simple. Thanks to our tutorial, you now possess the knowledge necessary to navigate the IPO market. But remember to study carefully, make sensible investments, and be patient. IPOs may be unpredictable.

Therefore, it’s critical to comprehend the dangers. You may unlock a company’s development potential and start along the road to financial success by following these rules and maintaining a long-term view.

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