Why is Netgear Extender Flashing Red? How to Solve the Issue?

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Netgear wireless extenders are being purchased by various users as the routers they have at home are not providing them with the desired internet speed. However, once they were done setting up the Netgear extender via, they got stuck with the Netgear extender flashing red issue. In case the LED light on your extender is also blinking the same color, then it could be due to the reasons we have mentioned here:

  • The extender is kept in one corner of the house and the router in another.
  • A damaged Ethernet cable has been put to use to connect the networking devices.
  • Electronic devices are kept near the extender and the router.
  • You did not update the firmware of your networking device after setup.

Now, reading the tips mentioned in the following segment of this blog post will help you out. For your information, whether the Netgear AC1200 setup process is executed by you or you have attempted to set up another model, the tips will remain the same for all.

How to Fix Netgear Extender Flashing Red Issue?

1. Place the Devices in the Same Room

The very first thing that can be done from your end to troubleshoot the Netgear extender flashing red issue is to place the networking devices, i.e. the extender and the existing router in the same room. This will ensure that proper signal transmission is happening between them.  With the manifestation of making this true, let us hope that the issue at hand has been fixed by you. Still, facing it? Read the next troubleshooting tip.

2. Do Not Use a Damaged Ethernet Cable

Another reason why this blog post is being read by you is because the Ethernet cable that has been used to connect the Netgear wireless extender to the existing router is damaged. The most obvious thing needs to be done in this case, i.e. you need to get rid of the damaged cable. Instead, bring a new cable home and use it to join the extender to the router. Make sure that the new connection is finger-tight.

3. Keep the Extender at Someplace Else

Where have you placed your device? Is it kept near electronic devices like baby monitors, cordless phones, washing machines, etc? Well, in this scenario, you ought to change the current location of your extender. The reason being, such devices are harmful to the signals emitted by the extender as they get interfered with. Apart from the examples mentioned above, do not keep the extender near walls.

4. Update the Netgear Extender Firmware

Given this solution is being read by you, it can mean just one thing, i.e. you are still facing the extender flashing red issue. To fix it, you ought to make one last attempt. It requires you to update the firmware of your device by accessing the Netgear extender setup wizard. Now, you might be thinking about how this process can be taken forward right? Well, it is quite simple. You just need to read the instructions given in the manual.

Final Note

Usually, the conclusions of posts are about putting an end to the discussed topic. However, this one is written with the aim of helping out users for whom nothing worked so far in fixing the Netgear extender flashing red issue. The ultimate solution that can be used to convert the status of the LED light from red to green is resetting the device to the original values. For this, you ought to read the instructions presented here:

  • Look at the side panel or the bottom of the extender.
  • Once you find it, press it with the help of an oil pin.
  • Hold on for more than 5 minutes.
  • The Netgear extender will automatically reboot.

It is recommended that you do not interrupt the reset process. The reason being, if you do so, then no matter what you do, fixing the Netgear extender flashing red issue will become next to impossible for you. Do you want to?

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