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Why Combining PPC and SEO under One Agency is a Smart Move?

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Until a few years ago, it was common to hire one agency for SEO and a different one for PPC. This approach made sense back then because SEO and PPC seemed like two completely different aspects of search marketing, and it made sense to have experts specializing in each field. 

But things have changed. The distinction between SEO and PPC has blurred over time. In today’s world of search marketing, SEO and PPC are interconnected, and you won’t achieve optimal results unless they work together seamlessly. To make this happen, you need a team or agency that can combine organic and paid search into a unified strategy. 

1. Comprehensive Customer Journey Coverage 

There used to be a time when SEO and PPC advertisers were like rivals in the world of marketing. On one side, you had the SEO experts who focused on long-term, cost-effective strategies to rank higher in organic search results. On the other side, some used paid advertising to get an immediate influx of website traffic. 

These two approaches are almost like opposites, but what’s really important is that they attract different kinds of potential customers. Organic search tends to bring in people who are in the research phase of their buying journey. On the other hand, paid search targets those who already know what they want to purchase. As people get closer to making a buying decision, paid search becomes even more relevant, especially with features like Google Shopping listings. 

Businesses rely on both types of leads, which is why having a mix of SEO and PPC campaigns is crucial to reaching all stages of the customer journey. SEO company Adelaide, for example, must create a strategy that blends organic opportunities with paid ads to capture the right audience, whether they’re in the early research phase or ready to buy soon. 

To make this work, SEO and PPC teams need to collaborate and share data. They should first identify the touchpoints where customers engage with your business to spot opportunities for organic and paid search. Once these campaigns are in the right places, the teams must work together instead of competing against each other. This way, you cover all the bases and ensure the best results for your business. 

2. Maximizing ROI: Getting the Most Value 

When you have both SEO and PPC services in a single agency, it can lead to better results for your advertising investments. Combining these marketing channels effectively can help you make the most out of every penny you spend on marketing. It’s like unlocking the full power of digital opportunities. 

When SEO and PPC agency Sydney work together, they can share data and insights more easily. This collaboration leads to quicker decision-making and, in the end, better outcomes. When both teams are under the same roof, it’s simpler to exchange ideas and work together creatively. 

3. Expanding Horizons: The Evolving Landscape of PPC 

For a long time, Google Ads ruled the world of paid advertising. When people talk about PPC, they usually talk about Google Ads. It was all about search, and you could neatly bundle SEO and PPC together as ‘search marketing’. 

Things have changed. Nowadays, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are also making money by offering paid advertising on their social networks. This brings a whole new aspect to PPC. So, today’s PPC agencies in Sydney can’t just focus on search; they also need to understand social media, content marketing, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and various other strategies. The different parts of marketing don’t operate separately; they all work together. 

4. Conquering Business Hurdles: Strategies for Success 

When your SEO and PPC strategies aren’t aligned, you’re missing out on a complete search marketing plan that can adjust to new opportunities and tackle tough business challenges.

COVID-19 showed us the importance of having a unified search marketing strategy. When many companies reduced their ad spending, SEO became the hero that saved businesses in crisis. 

It’s easier if you’re getting both SEO and PPC from one agency because they can make unbiased decisions. They’ll help you make the most of your search marketing investment, even if it means reducing or reallocating your budget. But, if you’re using different agencies for these services, it can be tricky. One agency might resist cutting spending, and you can’t be sure if the advice you’re getting is impartial.

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