Where to Leave Your Bags Safely in NYC’s Best Luggage Storage

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There are instances when you have to check out well in advance of your departure time or arrive in the city before your hotel check-in time. In other cases, you simply need a location to store your luggage for a few hours since you happen to have any. Or perhaps you need to take a day excursion from New York City before moving into new accommodations.

Companies That Store Luggages

Most of these storage organizations have a similar structure to Airbnb’s shared economy model, only with bags instead of rooms. They locate locations across the city, such as gift shops, motels, convenience stores, etc., that can serve as storage facilities for tourists. It is normally possible to drop off and pick up your luggage at any time because these locations are open early and late.

Numerous businesses specialize in the storage of Bounce luggage storage promo code. While some offer a set rate for the full day, others just charge by the hour. Some will send someone to pick up your belongings, while others need you to leave them off at one of their units.


Bounce, which has over 300 locations throughout the city, is the most highly regarded luggage storage firm in New York. All you have to do to access secure storage locations, such as local stores, restaurants, and hotels, is present your reservation when you arrive, thanks to the app. For a full day, they charge $5.90 per bag, which includes $10,000 in insurance coverage.

Luggage Hero

Luggage Hero provides hourly and flat fees for over 130 storage facilities located throughout the city in places like coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, and retail establishments. You can feel secure with $3,000 in insurance coverage and flexibility upon arrival for about $1/hour or $7.95/day.


Vertoe is one of the biggest providers of short-term storage in New York City, with more than 150 facilities. Numerous of their apartments are situated in close proximity to important sites, such as Grand Central Terminal, JFK Airport, and Penn Station, among others. They charge cheap daily charges (about $5.95) and insurance (about $5,000) in case something happens to your goods.

Furthermore, before checking in your suitcase, you may browse evaluations for each location!

Storage of Radicals

In addition, Radical Storage offers numerous “Angels”—storage units—distributed throughout the city. Units near train and bus stations, as well as airports, offer luggage storage for about $4.90 per item per day. Although it doesn’t take long to check in, you must make reservations online.

Other Techniques for Storing Bags

There are plenty additional options available besides these businesses for storing your bags while you spend the day in the city. You can always ask a friend who lives in New York to hang onto your bags for a few hours if you need it.

Additionally, you can request that your bags be held at the hotel reception until the time of your departure, both before and after check-in and check-out. Most hotels will handle it at no cost.

Airports also provide storage services, but at a little higher cost than elsewhere. This is a quicker and safer option to keep your bags safe if you wish to drop them off instead of looking for a storage place.

Final Thoughts on NYC Luggage Storage

One of the best ways to spend the day walking about is to store your bags. Occasionally, our flight schedule conflicts with the time we have reserved for our lodging, leaving us to spend several hours organizing our bags. On occasion, on our way somewhere else, we stop in New York for a day. When that happens, you may rely on these luggage storage providers, your hotel, or the airport to protect your possessions.

For additional details about New York, keep reading our posts. In the urban jungle, where to eat, what to do, and how to survive!

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