monofilament wigs
monofilament wigs

What Are Monofilament Wigs?

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A common misconception about wigs is that you can always tell when someone is wearing one. But the truth is, the only way to tell if someone is wearing a wig is if it is of poor quality rather than high-quality wigs like monofilament wigs.

With that, welcome to the world of wigs if you are new to the wig community!

As someone new to the wig community, you probably have many questions like “What do monofilament wig mean?” and “How much does it cost?”

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Don’t worry, ladies, we are here to put your worries to rest by answering all your burning questions so you can enjoy your wig-wearing days to the fullest!

What are Monofilament Wigs?

Before we go any further, let us first consider what monofilament is. 

A monofilament wig cap is a fine layer of transparent micro-mesh inserted at the parting, crown, or top area. Each hair strand is individually hand-tied to this layer of mesh to mimic natural hair growth.

A double monofilament wig is distinguished by adding a second layer of fine micro-mesh over the monofilament layer to protect the scalp from hand-knotting. As the name implies, double the monofilament can provide twice the comfort, with a luxuriously soft silky feel against the skin.

A monofilament wig is a high-quality, natural-looking wig with caps made of a thin, mesh-like nylon material known as monofilament fabric.

A standard wig cap has several rows of “wefts” that are layered and sewn together to form a base. Wefts are long strings of fabric with hair sewn into them.

Monofilament wigs take a different approach to cap construction and hair fiber integration. 

In contrast to traditional wefts, monofilament fabric allows you to sew hair fibers into the wig cap one hair (or a few hairs) at a time. This method of wig construction mimics how hair grows naturally from the scalp. 

The construction method is the same whether the wig is made of synthetic or human hair.

What Are The Advantages Of Monofilament Wigs?

When looking for your first, second, or third wig, “mono wigs” are likely to come up in your search. 

Many people are unsure of this wig feature, but it is typically found on higher-quality wigs.

A monofilament wig, also known as “medical wigs,’ was initially created for people suffering from medical hair loss. Even today, monofilament wigs remain at the forefront of wig cap design, attracting those with thinning hair and sensitive scalps. 

However, anyone who prefers wigs designed for maximum comfort can wear these wigs!

But what makes this wig such a popular choice among wig wearers? Let’s find out!

1. Natural Appearance and Part

Since each hair strand in a monofilament wig is hand-stitched into a semi-transparent mesh material, the parting seems natural no matter which way you choose to lay your hair.

This design element makes the hair appear to grow directly from the scalp, resulting in a more realistic and naturally beautiful style. Even to the most observant onlooker, a monofilament wig is nearly undistinguishable from natural hair.

2. Less Hair and Materials

This might surprise you, but a common complaint about wigs is that there is sometimes too much hair, especially on the head and near the front hairline. 

Monofilament wigs necessitate sewing wigs with less hair into the wig cap. As a result, a monofilament wig is less bulky in areas frequently criticized for being overly voluminous. 

There is less hair and cap volume, allowing the hair to lie flat and close to the head, making it ideal for people who prefer wigs without the bulk look and feel.

3. Lightweight and Airy

Since a monofilament wig uses less hair and materials, they are lighter and airier than a standard cap. This allows more air to flow through the wig, preventing heat from becoming trapped beneath it. 

This wig is known for being delightfully cool.

The hand-tied construction of monofilament wigs allows for more free-flowing movement of the hair fibers, which adds to the wig’s natural appearance.

4. Multidirectional Styling

Since each hair strand is individually sewn into a monofilament cap, the hair fibers in monofilament wigs can move freely and in all directions, allowing for greater styling freedom. 

You can change them simply by brushing or using a light spritz of water during styling to reduce static electricity. This also allows one to change the location of the part in most monofilament wigs, which is usually not possible with a standard wig.

The styling possibilities with monofilament wigs are virtually limitless. The flexible styling allows you to part the hair wherever you want. 

So, whether you prefer to wear the same hairstyle every day or experiment, creating new and exciting hairstyles has never been easier with monofilament wigs!

5. Perfect For Sensitive Scalps

While monofilament wigs provide a natural appearance, they are also ideal for those with sensitive skin or who have undergone medical treatments. Medical treatments can cause the scalp to become sensitive to touch and temperature. 

The thin, breathable base material is less irritating to the scalp and allows more air circulation than a traditional cloth-based wig.

How Do You Know If Monofilament Wigs Are The Right Wig For You?

Monofilament wigs are an excellent choice for anyone looking for the most discreet wig available. This wig is especially beneficial for people suffering from medical hair loss for the most natural look and comfort.

These wig caps are created with a natural look; the mesh and hair placement provides a realistic look and added versatility that traditional classic cap wigs simply couldn’t compete with.

You can browse Paula Young’s entire collection of Monofilament Wigs made with different fibers, allowing everyone the opportunity to have a high-quality wig at competitive prices. 

You can enjoy a fantastic selection of monofilament wigs that are perfect for every occasion, from cute pixie cuts to longer, Rapunzel-esque locks.


The benefits of monofilament wigs are simply endless!

These wigs are durable, comfortable, and available in a variety of sizes and lengths. A monofilament wig is the best option for a realistic wig for thinning hair that provides comfort and a natural root appearance.

These wigs are known for their comfort and ability to create the perfect illusion of natural-looking hair parting on the head. 

Are you looking for a more diverse collection of wigs designed for women suffering from medical hair loss? 

Scroll Paula Young’s Heart of Gold brand made with super light fiber, WhisperLite with gel lining for maxim comfort! Shop now for the best deals online.

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