Video Ads for SaaS
A Winning Strategy for Growth

Video Ads for SaaS: A Winning Strategy for Growth

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One of the most commonly used content for promoting products and services is video ads. Whiteboard Animation Company are no different in this respect. Besides, videos can help businesses promote their website, products, and services while supporting their different campaigns.

Moreover, video adverts are an excellent tool for Software-as-a-Service companies to promote their offerings. In this post, we shall discuss in depth about video ads for SaaS companies. It will eventually help you realize how these adverts are a winning marketing strategy for Software-as-a-Service companies.

Why Should Video Adverts Matter to SaaS Companies?

Video adverts as promotional videos share one goal. That is helping businesses increase sales of their products or services. These ads have the power to capture the audience’s attention. Moreover, the following are facts to notice and encourage Software-as-a-Service to invest in SaaS video ads:

  1. YouTube is the best online video-sharing platform and the second most popular search engine after Google. In fact, it is the platform where you will often find viewers watching videos, including video adverts.
  2. 91 percent of marketers reveal their video marketing efforts on social media have helped them accomplish great results.
  3. Videos are 59 percent more engaging for audiences as compared to other types of posts.

Based on these facts, you can deduce that video content is the best way for businesses to promote their products. By the same token, investing in video ads should also matter to Software-as-a-Service companies.

Furthermore, video adverts have already become a powerful tool for Software-as-a-Service companies in the past few years. How?

These ads have already helped many Software-as-a-Service companies with increased subscriptions and signing up for their products. We shall also share a few examples with you, too, in this regard.

A Few Examples of Exceptional SaaS Video Ads

1.  Dropbox Video Explainer (Ad)

Dropbox explainer video is perhaps the most popular video ad of all time. In fact, the same video shares the credit for launching the explainer video movement. The Dropbox SaaS video is about Josh (man) on a safari in Africa facing difficulty keeping track of his data. The video demonstrates how Josh effortlessly manages it with the aid of Dropbox.

Besides, Dropbox created its explainer video ad for USD 50,000. Further, it helped it generate $48,000,000 in revenue with over 10,000,000 signups and more than 25,000,000 views.

2. Video Ad video ad did an excellent job of showcasing and educating about it as a SaaS product. It is a short, unusual, and interesting video ad with a miniature set design and construction to grab many eyes.

Qualities of Good SaaS Video Ads

Good Software-as-a-Service video ads share the following qualities:

1.  Comprehensibility

Good SaaS video ads have the power to simplify abstract concepts. Put differently, they help audiences easily understand how a product works before signing up for a Software-as-a-Service product.

2.  Short Yet Sweet

Another quality of good SaaS video adverts is that they are short yet engaging. It means these ads help the target audience understand their message with enhanced engagement.

3.  Quick Information Delivery

Good video ads for Software-as-a-Service products help audiences quickly grab the message. In other words, they can help audiences understand a product or service in a   quick time.

Our Tips on Creating the Best SaaS Video Ads

Adhering to some tips, you can create custom SaaS promotional videos in the USA that set you apart from competitors. Here are some good tips on creating one-of-a-kind video ads for your SaaS products:

  • Try to hook the audience from the start of your ad.
  • Keep your message clear and consistent in your video adverts.
  • Make sure your ad is short and around 30 seconds, in general.
  • Add a clear CTA (Call to Action) at the end of your ad.
  • Include brand elements in your ad to effectively showcase your Software-as-Service product to the target audience.
  • Come up with a customized video advert for a specific advertising platform.

When Does It Make Sense for SaaS Companies to Create Video Ads?

It makes sense for SaaS companies to make video ads in various situations to promote their Software-as-a-Service products. We have shared some of those situations below:

  1. When a company wants to create awareness of its offerings.
  2. If a company feels comfortable creating and using video ads for popular online platforms like YouTube and Facebook.
  3. When the budget of a company allows to hire an explainer video company to create a brilliant video advert.

Benefits of SaaS Video Adverts

Software-as-a-Service companies can enjoy a wide number of benefits with a brilliant SaaS video advert. We have mentioned some of those prominent benefits below:

1.  Increased Signups

Video adverts for Software-as-a-Service products can help companies with increased signups from 7 to 20 percent. Why? Because these ads engage and are generally more interesting than other types of marketing content.

2.  Improved Conversions

Video ads not only target audiences well but are also informative at the same time. For the same reason, they help businesses with increased conversions while encouraging viewers to take the right action. Video adverts for SaaS companies are not any different in this respect.

3.  Successful Marketing Campaigns

Incorporating engaging video adverts in your SaaS marketing campaigns can eventually make your campaigns successful.

Furthermore, it is important to note that the best video adverts do not provide much information about products. As a matter of fact, they mainly focus on demonstrating the benefits of products. For the same reason, SaaS video ads should do the same, too.

How to Create Your SaaS Video Ad for a Specific Platform

Firstly, it is essential that you choose the right platform for your video ad. Besides, here are some of our recommendations for creating your SaaS video ads for some popular platforms:

1.  Facebook

Come up with a customized video ad for Facebook. In addition, employ storytelling in your video ad.

2.  YouTube

Keep your ad between 15 to 60 seconds. Also, include a CTA in your ad.

3.  LinkedIn

Create a short SaaS video advert. Plus, consider coming up with animated video ads for LinkedIn.

Types of Videos SaaS Companies May Create

SaaS companies can surely invest in video adverts to create awareness of their brands. Other than video ads, they can also create other types of videos for marketing. We have shared below some of those types alongside the purpose of creating such videos:

  1. How-to Videos – to educate the audience.
  2. Explainer Videos – to explain a SaaS product to users.
  3. Product Demo Videos – to show how a certain SaaS product works.
  4. Testimonial Videos – to win customers’ trust and eventually build credibility.


Custom SaaS promotional videos should matter to Software-as-a-Service companies. They not only engage but also increase subscriptions and signups for SaaS products. One good example of a brilliant video advert for Software-as-a-Service is Dropbox video explainer. Qualities of the best video adverts for SaaS products include comprehensibility, conciseness, and quick information delivery. In addition, Software-as-a-Service companies should specifically invest in video ads to increase their brand awareness. Moreover, brilliant Software-as-a-Service video adverts can help SaaS companies with significantly increased signups and improved conversions. Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn are some of the popular platforms for SaaS companies to share video ads. Lastly, video ads for SaaS companies is a winning marketing strategy for growth, provided that they create them well.

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