Trailer Repair Services: Keeping Your Haul on the Road

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Trailers are an essential part of many businesses and operations. Whether you use a trailer for construction, hauling equipment, moving goods, or recreational purposes, proper maintenance and repair are crucial to keep your trailer running safely and efficiently on the road. This comprehensive guide will provide an overview of trailer repair services, types of trailer repairs, when to seek professional help, and tips for finding a qualified trailer repair shop in Fort Worth, Texas.

Types of Trailer Repair Services

Many components on a trailer may require maintenance, repair, or replacement over time. Some of the most common repair and service needs for trailers include:

Structural Repairs

A trailer’s frame, body, floor, and roof can all incur damage from normal wear and tear, accidents, overloading, improper loading/unloading, etc. Trailer repair shops can assess damage and perform repairs like:

  • Straightening or replacing bent, cracked, or rusted frame members
  • Repairing holes, tears, leaks, or corrosion in the trailer roof, walls, or floor
  • Reinforcing or replacing lift gates
  • Fixing latches, doors, ramps, tie-downs, or gates

Suspension and Axle Repairs

The suspension and axles support the entire weight of the trailer plus cargo. They are under constant stress and require frequent inspections and repairs such as:

  • Replacing broken or leaking air suspension bags
  • Aligning or replacing axles
  • Servicing wheel bearings and brakes
  • Installing leaf spring shackles or hangers
  • Fixing bent torsion axles

Electrical System Repairs

Trailers have extensive electrical systems, including lighting, connectors to the tow vehicle, and sometimes refrigeration units or other accessories. Electrical repairs may include:

  • Repairing or replacing connectors, outlets, or circuits
  • Fixing malfunctioning electric brakes and brake controllers
  • Replacing burnt-out interior and exterior lights
  • Servicing generators or refrigeration units

Tire Repairs and Replacement

Trailer tires undergo heavy loads over long distances. It’s critical to replace worn tires and perform services like:

  • Tire rotation, balancing, and pressure checks
  • Wheel bearing packing
  • Tire patching, plugs, and replacement
  • Wheel replacement
  • Aligning axles after new tire installation

Painting and Refinishing

Over time, a trailer’s exterior paint and finishes can oxidize, crack, peel, or incur damage that exposes bare metal to corrosion. Trailer repair shops can provide services like:

  • Repainting or re-coating the frame or body
  • Touch up painting
  • Chrome polishing
  • Refinishing corroded or damaged surfaces

Trailer Inspections and Testing

Routine inspections, maintenance, and testing help identify issues before they become primary repair needs. Trailer shops can provide:

  • Annual or semi-annual trailer safety and mechanical inspections
  • DOT inspections for commercial trailers
  • Load testing to ensure safe working capacity
  • Wheel re-torquing to verify proper tightness

When to Seek Trailer Repair Services

With heavy and frequent use, trailers require more servicing and repairs than typical automobiles. It’s recommended to have your trailer inspected at least once yearly anytime issues arise. Signs it’s time to seek truck and trailer repair include:

Visible Damage

Exterior damage like dents, cracks, missing parts, or corrosion indicates structural and cosmetic repairs are needed. Damage may allow moisture intrusion that leads to additional issues.

Tire Wear

Check tires regularly for adequate tread depth. Tires should be replaced when they reach 3/32 inches of remaining tread. Rotate tires every 5,000-7,000 miles.

Lighting Problems

Since trailers rely on electrical connections with the tow vehicle, any issues with lights being out, dim, or flickering mean an electrical problem needs diagnosis.

Faulty Brakes

If the trailer brakes are delayed, only braking on one side, making noises, or malfunctioning, immediately have the brake system inspected and repaired.

Excessive Bounce or Sway

If the trailer bounces, sways side to side, or “fishtails” excessively, there may be a hitch, suspension, tire pressure, or load balancing issues. Have it assessed?


Any leaks of grease, oil or air mean seals, gaskets, or airbags need replacement. Water leaks indicate that roof, floor, or wall repairs are needed.

Uneven Tire Wear

Uneven tread wear like bald spots means axle alignment is off. Letting this go can lead to blowouts, unpredictable handling, and damage.

Loose Parts

Watch for loose fasteners, chains, doors, ramps or missing parts while trailering. Have loose parts tightened or replaced immediately.

Age and Mileage

Inspect sealants, wheel bearings, brake shoes, and suspensions more frequently as the trailer ages. Follow the manufacturer’s guide on component replacement intervals.

Finding a Qualified Trailer Repair Shop in Fort Worth, TX

When your trailer needs professional repair or maintenance, you must find an experienced, certified shop you can trust. Factors to consider when selecting a truck and trailer repair facility include:

Specialized Experience

Look for shops that specialize in trailer and RV repair. They will have the expertise, equipment, and parts to diagnose and fix issues properly.

Technician Certification

ASE has certified trailer repair technicians for light and heavy trailers. Factory training on specific trailers is also valuable expertise.

Range of Services

Look for shops that can provide complete repair, maintenance, and inspection services. Having one shop address all your needs promotes safety.

Customer Reviews

Check online reviews and ask for references to gauge the quality of work and customer service. Reliable shops stand behind their work.

Facility and Equipment

Look for adequate bays to fit large trailer lifts and the ability to come to your location for service calls as needed.


Repair warranties provide peace of mind on workmanship. Top shops offer warranties on both parts and labor.

Fair Pricing

Compare estimates from multiple trailer repair shops to find competitive pricing. Be wary of quotes that seem too low or too high.

Business Longevity

Look for well-established companies in business for many years as an indicator of reliability and satisfied customers.

Top Trailer Repair Shops in Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth has many quality trailer repair facilities serving the area. Here are some of the top-rated shops to consider for trailer repairs and maintenance:

  • OnTime Roadside Rescue – Emergency roadside services, 24/7 availability, responds quickly. Specializes in commercial truck and trailer repair.
  • RV Medics DFW – Veteran-owned, certified professionals specialize in RV and trailer repair mobile repair service. 4.5 stars across eight reviews.
  • Southern Truck & Trailer Services – Locally owned, specializes in truck, trailer, and automotive repairs. Online appointments are available.
  • C&S Trailers – 4.7 stars over 12 reviews. One review mentions, “I bought my first load trail trailer from them two weeks ago, and the sales process was a breeze.”
  • Fort Worth Trailer Supply – 5 stars on one review, offers online appointments, specializes in trailer and RV repair.
  • Mobile Repair Specialists – Specializes in RV and trailer repair. 4.3 stars over six reviews. One review mentions knowledgeable staff for RV repairs.
  • RV Medics DFW – Another recommendation for this veteran-owned mobile RV and trailer repair company. Multiple positive reviews praise their service.

Tips for Maximizing Trailer Life and Minimizing Repair Costs

Trailers can provide many years and miles of reliable service with proper care and maintenance. Here are some critical tips for getting the most extended life from your trailer:

  • Follow load limits – Never exceed the maximum load rating. Overloading is the most common cause of premature damage.
  • Use proper hitching/towing setup – Ensure you have the correct hitch, brake controllers, and tow vehicle capacity for safe towing.
  • Load trailer properly – Distribute weight appropriately and secure cargo to prevent shifting.
  • Check tire pressure – Inspect tire pressure before each trip when the tires are cold. Ensure equal pressure on both sides.
  • Inspect lights and connections – Check that all exterior lights work before each trip. Clean connectors periodically.
  • Practice preventive maintenance – Follow the manufacturer service schedule for lubrication, fluid changes, brake servicing, wheel bearings, and suspension.
  • Wash regularly – Use pH-balanced soap and rinse thoroughly—wax the exterior to protect it from elements.
  • Repair any damage – Immediately fix dents, leaks, and loose parts to prevent more significant problems.
  • Get annual inspections – Routine professional inspections catch issues early, saving you money.

Proper care and maintenance, routine inspections, and service from a qualified truck and trailer repair shop will keep your trailer running safely for the long haul. Investing a little now prevents big repair bills down the road.


Regular trailer repair and maintenance is essential, but it’s important to have work performed by experienced professionals you can trust. Fort Worth by B&S Truck, Texas, offers quality trailer repair shops to keep your trailer functioning optimally. Texas Best Trailer Repair, Pirates Lagoon Trailer Repair, Escapees Service Center, Anchor Trailer Repair, Hillco Trailer Repair, and C&C Trailer Repair are top-rated facilities in the area to consider for your trailer repair needs. Investing in timely repairs will extend your trailer’s life, prevent breakdowns, improve safety, and save you money in the long run. Schedule inspections and service regularly to keep your trailer hauling reliably for years.

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