Through the Lens of a Cat Photographer in Minneapolis

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As a cat photographer in Minneapolis, I know that there’s nothing like taking the most perfect photos of your furry friend. Whether it’s their first birthday or they’re just looking gorgeous in their natural habitat, there are always opportunities for fantastic shots. But what about when you’re not shooting? What about when you’re just hanging out with your cat and trying to take some fun photos of them from behind the lens? That’s where this blog post comes into play! In this article we’ll explore some tips for making sure you get the best shots (and don’t forget treats!) when photographing your feline friends.

Cat Photographer Minneapolis

I’m a cat photographer in Minneapolis. I work with cats of all ages, and my goal is to capture their unique personalities and individuality.

My name is Kristen, and I’m also known as “the Cat Photographer.” As a fine art cat photographer, I love creating images that celebrate the beauty of cats–their intelligence, curiosity, playfulness and grace. My clients tell me they enjoy seeing their pets as they’ve never seen them before: relaxed in nature settings; playing with toys; interacting with other animals (or humans!) in new ways; or just being themselves when no one else is around!

I believe there’s no better way to learn about what makes each individual animal special than spending time observing them firsthand at home before photographing them out in nature settings where there are no distractions from their favorite activities like hunting mice or chasing lasers across hardwood floors!

Fine Art Cat Photography by Natalie Hunt

Natalie Hunt is a Minneapolis based fine art cat photographer who has been photographing cats for over 20 years. She uses professional lighting and high quality cameras to capture the beauty of her subjects. Her studio is located in Minneapolis, but she can also shoot on location if you have the right space!

Cat photographer in Minneapolis

If you’re looking to hire a cat photographer in Minneapolis, look no further. Natalie Hunt is a fine art cat photographer who specializes in photographing cats for over 10 years. Her work has been featured in many publications and exhibitions across the country.

Natalie’s love for photography started at age 7 when she received her first camera from her parents as a gift on Christmas Day. She quickly became obsessed with taking pictures of everything around her – family members, friends and even pets! As she grew older she realized that there was something special about the way animals looked through their eyes; they seemed so full of emotion that it made everyone around them feel happy just being near them! That’s why Natalie decided to focus all her energy into capturing these moments through her lens so others could see how magical these relationships really are.”


If you’re looking for a cat photographer in Minneapolis, look no further than Natalie Hunt. She is one of the most sought-after cat photographers in the country and has worked with some of the biggest brands and celebrities. Her work is stunningly beautiful and captures each individual personality of each feline subject. If you have ever dreamed of having your own portrait taken by such a talented artist, then now is your chance!

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