Mosa cream chargers

The Power of Mosa Cream Chargers

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Anyone who’s ever attempted to make a mousse will know that it is a precise science, a tricky balancing act to guarantee stiff peaks – but with the help of a , this task becomes child’s play.

Unleash your culinary creativity and elevate your desserts and whipped delicacies to new heights. Powered by the power of nitrous oxide, these chargers work for all standard cream whippers dispensers.

Mosa cream chargers

1. Create Polymers & Espumas

Often used by professional bakers and pastry chefs, Mosa cream chargers are cylinders filled with nitrous oxide (N2O) which can be used to fill a number of different types of cream dispenser. Essentially, they’re like a giant balloon for your cream and can be used to create a range of sweet and savory foam toppings for your dishes.

While most commonly seen in restaurants and bars, these powerful cylinders can also be used in your home kitchen to speed up the process of making whipped cream and other foams. As well as saving you time, they can also help with the appearance and texture of your creations – as opposed to the traditional splashing and dripping egg white method – which is both messy and time-consuming.

Aside from creating a range of foams, these cylinders are also great for infusing liquid flavors. Infusing oils, vinegars or alcohol is a quick and simple task which would take far longer using other methods.

Mosa is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of reusable compressed gas cartridges and produces cartridges for carbonating soda, inflating tires and whipping cream. Their nitrous oxide cream chargers are known for their quality, with chefs across Europe and Asia relying on them to produce flawless creations. The stainless steel chargers feature a rust-proof nickel coating and are anodized to prevent corrosion, preserving the N2O gas and ensuring that your whipped cream tastes just as it should.

2. Infuse Alcohol & Mosa cream chargers

Mosa cream chargers are used by top chefs and baristas around the world to create delicious whipped creams, foams and infusions. The cartridges are also a great tool for adding quick and easy alcohol infusions to cocktails and drinks.

Infusions are a hugely popular technique for adding an extra level of flavor to foods and drinks. The process is quick, simple and allows you to get creative with your ingredients. You can use almost anything as an infusion, and there are countless recipes to explore. From sweet treats like chocolate to savory infusions such as smoked salmon, there are endless possibilities.

Using a cream charger for infused alcohol is relatively easy and requires no extra equipment other than the charger itself. Simply place your infused drink or sauce in the charger and then pump pressurized nitrous oxide gas into it, which will instantly catalyze the infusion process. This means that what would have taken a long time to make and mature can now be achieved in minutes, and the result will be consistently immaculate and impressive.

A high-quality cream charger will be free of any factory residue, and the 8g cartridges contain pure culinary-grade nitrous oxide that meets European standards. They are also silver-lacquered to prevent rusting in the presence of kitchen moisture. They are also compatible with all standard whipped cream dispensers on the market.

3. Create Sauces & Syrups

While whipping cream for dessert toppings and hot drinks is the main function of these chargers they can also be used to create amazing culinary foams as well as rapid infusions of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, vinegars and oils. Creating these types of recipes can be time-consuming and laborious, but with the help of a quality cream charger it only takes minutes to create perfect spumes and foams that will wow your guests.

To use a Mosa cream chargers, simply place a nozzle on your cream dispenser and screw the charger on to aerate and charge your cream. Then when you are ready to dispense just pull the trigger gently and the gas will be released. It’s best to lay the charger flat for a minute after each use, to allow the gas to distribute evenly throughout the cream and for your whipped creations to look their very best.

Cream chargers have been around for a long time and are widely used in a professional capacity by bakers and pastry chefs to help them produce their masterpieces. But they are also increasingly becoming more popular in a domestic setting as people attempt to emulate the experts and recreate their own gastronomic wonders at home. As long as amateur cooks stick with recognized and reputable brands such as ISI, Liss and Mosa, and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, they are perfectly safe to use.

4. Create Foam Toppings

Since they were first invented, Mosa cream chargers have become a renowned kitchen essential for their ability to inject pressurized gas (nitrous oxide, or N2O) into liquid and aerate it. They’re used in a professional capacity, but they’re also becoming increasingly popular in domestic cooking, as people attempt to recreate the specialist culinary creations that experts create at home.

When combined with a cream whipper, these chargers allow you to whip up a range of sweet and savory foam toppings. These can be a fantastic addition to dishes, and the flavors they add are often very impressive.

Unlike aerosol or non-refillable cartridges, Mosa cream chargers are designed to be fully recyclable and made from stainless steel. They’re also anodized, which prevents them from corrosion and ensures that your whipped cream always tastes fresh. The N2O inside is 100% Linde, and each charger is electronically filled and weighed, so there’s no risk of leaks or duds.

We’re proud to carry a wide range of premium brand Mosa cream chargers, trusted by chefs across Europe and Asia. Each one contains 8g of pure N2O and is manufactured in our state-of-the-art factory in Taiwan. Choose a box of 10 or a case of 24, and you can be sure that each and every charger is 100% genuine. We also offer an ‘Any Brand’ option, which allows you to get your chosen cream chargers from any recognized supplier including iSi, Kayser, Liss and Supreme Whip.

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