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Most of you have a query: can we extend a student visa in Australia? Legally speaking, you can not renew your visa, but you can apply for a new visa before expiring your current visa.  Make sure to Apply for your new visa with the Department of Home Affairs before your course completion. But why does an individual need a student visa extension in Australia? It may include reasons like an extended research period, failed subjects, reduced study load, and course deferment. So, don’t worry. Western Overseas are the best migration agent and have a team of immigration lawyers in Australia to assist through the complete student visa process, such as study visa extension, course changes in Australia, skill assessment, and many more. Stay tuned with us for new immigration updates in or outside Australia.

What to do when a student visa is about to expire or expires? Choosing a visa type is different for every person, as per the situation. Let’s check how? If you are studying and want to continue it, then go for a study visa. And, if your study is suspended already and you are looking to move back to your home country, choose the visitor visa. Additionally, if you completed a two-year course in Australia, you can apply for work permit subclass 485. During this time, while you are waiting for a new visa, the bridging gap visa A is automatically generated to stay in Australia temporarily. Let’s connect with our experts if you want to know more in brief.

What’s the need for a student visa Extension in Australia?

Extending a study visa in Australia can provide several benefits for international students who wish to continue their education there. Here is the list below:-

  • Extended Research and Thesis Work
  • Unexpected academic challenges
  • Improved Job Opportunities
  • Family considerations
  • Medical Reasons
  • Change of Program
  • Personal circumstances, changes in the study plan, etc.

Student Visa Extension Australia Requirements

You can apply both onshore and outside Australia, but both processes have a slight difference. It means if you are Applying within Australia, you will automatically get a bridging gap visa to stay temporarily in Australia until the new Visa is processed. On the other hand, if you are applying outside Australia, you must wait for the result before coming to Australia. To avoid last-minute surprises, we share some requirements for student visa extensions in Australia. Depending on your country, the documentation requirement may vary.

  1. Request for Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

The first document you need to apply for a new visa is a confirmation of enrollment from the educational institution in which you are studying or would like to Study. So first, to enroll, extend, or re-enrol in a course, you must need COE. We at Western Overseas can assist you in finding the right college or university course per your interest and profile.

  1. Maintain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

The government of Australia requires you to align your student health cover (OSHC) with the new visa period. The average cost of Overseas Student Health Cover is AUS$591 for the 12 months for a single student.

  1. Completed the document checklist

Along with the requirements mentioned above, you must include your details. Please check the list of the following personal documents:-

  • Valid Passport
  • Copy of your birth certificate
  • National ID card
  • Birth Certificate
  • A Certified CV / Resume
  • Marriage Certificate (if married)
  • Parental consent (if under 18 years old)
  • personal statement include why you’re extending your study

  1. English language proficiency

Australia requires proof of an English proficiency exam certificate for international students. The immigration department in Australia accepts IELTS, PTE, TOEFL iBT, OET, and others before filing the visa application. The validity of these tests is around two years.

  1. Medical exam

Before receiving a student visa application, you need to prove that you are in good health by giving a medical exam. The medical certificate is only valid by empanelled doctors, so choosing the nearest one is recommended. The medical exam is valid for one year; if it is more than a year, then you must pass it again.

  1. Financial Capacity Evidence

You must provide financial proof that you have enough money to support yourself with your expenses, living costs, tuition fees, and course of study. You can also submit a letter of support from your spouse or parents. The options included in a financial proof can be evidence of annual income and yearly months fund.

How to apply for a student Visa Extension in Australia?

Are you ready to begin applying for a student visa Extension in Australia? If yes, collect the above documents and Apply before your visa expires. To lodge your visa application, you must have an ImmiAccount, and then you have to log in to attach the relevant documents and submit the student visa extension fees. The students must know their existing student visas and expiration dates. Our experts at Western Overseas have the excellence to help you file a student visa extension in Australia. But, if You want to apply online by yourself, you can check the below-mentioned points to learn how to apply for a student visa extension in Australia.

  • Check eligibility and visa expiration date.
  • Gather required documents (COE, passport, financial proof, etc.).
  • Apply online through the official ImmiAccount.
  • Pay the visa extension fee.
  • Give the biometrics
  • Attend health examinations if needed.
  • Await decision; monitor ImmiAccount for updates.
  • If approved, comply with new visa conditions.

Student Visa Extension Australia Fee

The student visa extension Australia fee is around AU$ 620. Once you submit your file, you will get a notification of acknowledgement from the home affairs office. You are automatically issued a copy of the bridging gap visa to stay temporarily.

Student Visa Extension Australia Processing Time

We recommend you apply with plenty of time before to complete all the documents and paperwork on time. Regarding student visa extension, the Australian processing time will be up to three months or more. But if you get a refusal on your application, there is no need to panic. We are here to assist you. Contact Western Overseas today to file your student visa extension or any other migration services to avoid hassle.

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