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This is where your journey toward a flourishing data scientist career begins! Yes, you heard that correctly. Data science as an industry has over-spanned its verticals beyond geographical boundaries. No doubt, with the Coronavirus pandemic hitting the world in the most unexpected ways, businesses and consumers were pivoted toward an online culture of sending and receiving services. This has led to a humungous amount of data being generated by companies of all sizes.

Fanning the wave of digitization and virtual settings getting in the way, the world is faced with a dire need for experienced and skilled data science professionals. They are deemed essential to let the companies make the right decision based on the data generated every day. These data professionals are powered by futuristic data science skills that assist them in making sense of the big pool of generated data.

With so much going on the corporate front, the demand for certified data scientists is on the rise; projecting a 36% employment rate enhancement over the decadal period till 2031, beginning 2021 (source: 365 Data Science). This brings the spotlight on the aspirants thinking to pivot into the world of data science. It is time to understand what it takes to become an expert at handling data for big corporates worldwide.

What is Data Science?

Data Science is the stream of study that is an amalgamation of programming, mathematics, statistics, and other STEM capabilities. Data science is used for descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analysis.

Who is a Data Scientist?

Data Scientists are specialists working toward gathering, examining, and analyzing humungous amounts of data being generated worldwide. Data scientists enable the critical discovery of unknown transformative patterns, innovate new products and solutions, and optimize decisions in real-time.

Can You Be the One and How?

Although, it is always a great idea to begin strong with the most reliable names in the data science certification arena worldwide. Mastering the core data science skills is a must-have in landing your dream job in data science.
Why begin a data scientist career today?

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a surge of 27.9% in Data Science jobs by the year 2026. Major global companies are eyeing hiring the best data scientist talent for their greater good. Not just that, with the data generation amplifying at a stupendous rate, it is inevitable for every global leader to bring on some core data scientist talent pool to work for the benefit of the businesses.

Top Skills for Data Scientists to Master:

A thriving data science career is all about picking the right skillsets and a credible certification that resonates with your career goals and amplifies your existing skills. The listed below are the most popular and rewarding data science skills to grow your career:

• Big data
• Data visualization
• Statistics
• mathematics
• Machine learning
• Programming languages
• Data wrangling
• Deep learning

Top Skills for Data Scientists to Master


How much does a Data Scientist earn?

While money is not the only top factor that you should decide to pursue a career path, it is an important factor. Looking at the nations worldwide, beginning with the USA, UK, India, Saudia, and many others; they are bringing forth the top remuneration packages for top data science professionals.

How much does a Data Scientist earn


Data Science Career Progressions Over Time:

With the top skills for data scientists gracing their portfolio, that is a massive beginning to earning a diversified role in the world of data science. From an executive level to chief data science officer position, you could land a sea of opportunities. There is enough data to prove that data scientists enjoy a reliable income, in a secure job with lots of performance incentives in place. Experience and job roles are in direct proportion to each other.

Data Science Career Progressions Over Time


Top Data Science Certifications to your rescue:

Research over the years has proven that earning a credible data science digital badge is an incredible way to earn a higher pay package with a growing expertise. Top data science certifications are offered by Harvard, IBM, USDSI®, Saudi Arabia, and Google, among others. Picking and honing the right skills is essential, which comes with these best-in-class credentials around the world.

Outlook of the data science industry:

Actively working in an industry that evolves clearly means that your career is set for a great beginning. The year 2030 is envisioned with a growth rate of the data science platforms market size at a score of USD 378.7 billion (as per Projected to be among the fastest emerging field around the globe, data science is the way ahead! Begin with the most trusted names in the globally renowned data science certification providers today!

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