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Pro Tips the Help Make Your Asphalt Driveway Last the Longest

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Asphalt driveways are very tough when done right. However, surfaces and structures even as tough as asphalt pavements will sustain damage and signs of old age in time. Also, when you get your pavement done by a good driveway paving company, it should last more than two decades. The life of a good paved surface is around 25 years. However, these years can come down drastically for pavements that don’t get maintained.

Regular maintenance is necessary for paved driveways to maintain their aesthetic and functionality. Cracks and potholes can make it difficult to use your driveway and make it look less than perfect. So, what do you need to do when looking to make your paved surface last the longest? We have some pro tips that will help you do just that.

Hire a Qualified and Experienced Asphalt Driveway Contractor

The first step in getting the best pavement is to hire a good contractor for the project. Laying an asphalt pavement may look like a simple process. But there are a lot of variables involved in it. The contractor must look into things like the composition of the soil underneath, the chances of the ground below shifting, weather conditions, and the location of the driveway to be installed.

Only professional asphalt driveway contractors will look deeply into all these factors. Also, hiring a local contractor gives the advantage of being familiar with the area’s weather conditions. Make sure to check previous works and projects as well. Ask around from locals to hire the best contractor for the job.

Get Cracks and Potholes Filled Out Without Delaying

Cracks and potholes might start showing up after the first few years of life even on the best pavements. If it rains or snows a lot in your area, cracks and potholes will be inevitable. However, your driveway can still last very long given the right treatment and maintenance.

Make sure to get the driveway contractors out on your pavement as soon as you see the first signs of potholes or cracks. Get them filled out quickly before they expand the length of the pavement.

When cracks and potholes are left alone, they will expand. Vehicles driving over them will pull more of the stones and materials out. This continues until the surface deteriorates. So, quick filling is necessary.

Fix Leaky Engines Quickly and Clean All Oil Stains

Leaky engines can cause damage to more things than themselves. These will make your driveway look filthy and will damage the structural integrity as well. Hot oils can quickly seep into the inner adhesive layers. From there, they will break apart the surface causing stones to come out.

The best way to go about it is to fix your leaky engines quickly. Removing these pesky oil stains will be a task and a half. Especially, in the winter season, removing oil stains from paved surfaces is tough. However, make sure to do it as soon as possible. Also, a seal coat can fix it for you as well. A high-pressure washer will be quite helpful too.

Make Sure Water Runoffs Are Clear in Rainy and Snow Seasons

Collecting and pooling water is absolutely devastating for the lifecycle of any asphalt paved surface. Water gets into the underlayers where the adhesives get rooted up. This is why you need to fix any depression in your asphalt pavement as well.

Also, make sure to keep the water runoffs clear at all times. Especially during the rainy season, water can take falling leaves with it and clog up the water runoffs.

Always give frequent check visits to water runoffs on your asphalt paved surface. Clear out all the material that might have clogged them up. Let all the water shift away from the paved surface. This will ensure a longer life for your pavement by eliminating pooling water from the surface.

Park Heavy Vehicles at Different Places If Possible

Residential driveways and pavements usually don’t get too heavy vehicles. However, even large SUVs can weigh quite much. There is nothing wrong with owning a large, heavy vehicle. However, what you can do to prolong the life of your driveway is to park heavy vehicles in different places.

When you park heavy vehicles in the same place often, the weight can cause surface depressions. These depressions will give rise to water-holding areas on the surface.

Pooling water on these indentations will cause problems in the long run. Parking vehicles at slightly different places will mean there are far reduced changes of depressions being created. It is a very easy fix that can do a lot of good to your driveway.

Schedule Fresh Seal Coat Every 3-5 Years

Seal coating is a sure way to bring life back into your asphalt driveway. Whether your surface has started to come apart or is looking too dull, a fresh new seal coat can restore it. However, seal coating is not the cure for cracks or potholes that might be building up. Usually, fresh seal coats should be applied every 3-5 years by a professional asphalt paving company.

You can select the darkness of the surface when going for a fresh seal coat as well. Usually, black driveways look most elegant and attractive. However, a fresh seal coat can quickly transform the look and feel of your driveway also binding it together for longer. It is a fast process and only requires a few hours to complete depending on the size of your pavement.

Bottom Line

Asphalt driveways are tough surfaces. However, proper maintenance is required when looking to last them long. Getting your pavement laid by a quality contractor is the first step towards that goal. Also, cracks and potholes should be fixed quickly without delays.

Additionally, make sure to keep the water runoffs clear at all times. Parking heavy vehicles at different places on the driveway can eliminate chances of depressions or indentations. All these tips help make your driveway last more than two decades without requiring an expensive relaying of the surface.

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