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Netgear WiFi Extender Ethernet Port Not Working?

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Netgear WiFi range extender is known as one of the best technical devices that are very much helpful in boosting the existing WiFi network of users, providing them to access the internet even in hard-to-reach areas of their house. WiFi extenders by Netgear come with an Ethernet port that allows users all over the world to connect their devices (one at a time) like computer, laptop, smart phones, etc. directly and perform WiFi extender setup.

However, many times the Netgear extender’s Ethernet port stops working, giving users issues like:

  • Can’t perform Netgear extender setup
  • Unable to update extender’s firmware
  • Can’t do Netgear extender login
  • Mywifiext.net or not working
  • Unable to access Netgear Genie setup page, etc.

If your extender’s Ethernet port isn’t working as well, then in this article, we are going to provide you the reasons first causing the issue along with the potential fixes to get rid of it. Keep reading!

Reasons: Ethernet Port Not Working

Outlined below are the reasons causing the issue in discussion! Keep scrolling down!

  • Technical glitches
  • Use of faulty Ethernet cable
  • Loose or poor connectivity
  • Extender’s Ethernet port is disabled

That’s all about the reasons! These were some of the topmost causes that might have pushed you into the clutter of such a messy issue. Head over to the next section and know how to get rid of it (the issue) in a flash.

Fixes: Ethernet Port Not Working

Check the Ethernet Connection

Maybe the Ethernet connection you have made between your WiFi extender and your client device is loose or improper. In this case, we suggest you cross-check the connection and ensure that it is stable. What happened – 99 percent of users make unstable connection between their devices, blaming the Ethernet port for not working properly.

To cope up with this issue – inspect both ends of the Ethernet cable, ensuring it is inserted firmly into the port of your extender and your client device.

Please, we insist, take this as one of the most important fixes because a loose Ethernet connection between the devices has proved the primary reason for Netgear WiFi extender with Ethernet port not working issue.

Replace the Ethernet Cable

Use of a faulty Ethernet cable can also be another major reason behind the issue in discussion. Hence, for troubleshooting the issue, we suggest you use a high-quality and non-damaged Ethernet cable to connect your WiFi range extender and your client device.
On the off chance, replacing the Ethernet cable fixes the issue for you, it means – use of a faulty wire/ cable was the root cause behind the issue “WiFi extender with Ethernet port not working.

Enable the Ethernet Port

In the event, the same issue continues to trouble you, then you need to have a quick nudge at the Ethernet port of your WiFi range extender. Maybe the port is disabled! If so, enable it right away. How? Navigate to the Settings or Configuration menus of your range extender! And, if you find it disable, re-enable it right away.

Restart Your WiFi Extender

Restarting or power cycling the WiFi range extender is always the best troubleshooting tip for fixing any issue related to the Netgear device. To initiate the process, use the instructions highlighted below in the exact given order:

  • First things first, if your WiFi extender is connected to your client device, kindly disconnect it.
  • After disconnecting them, you need to turn off your WiFi range extender and let it rest for 5-6 minutes.
  • Turn the extender back on.
  • Try reconnecting the devices using a working Ethernet cable. Ensure to insert the ends of the cable firmly into the correct ports of your devices.


The WiFi extender with Ethernet port not working is a universal issue. Means, every 3rd Netgear extender user is facing this problem. Do not consider yourself among them from now onward because you have been redirected by Google on the right post. We really hope that after implementing the fixes listed above the Ethernet port of your WiFi range extender will start working for you without giving issues.

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