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Marusya Shiklina and Flowina Paradise Biography Popular TikTok/Instagram Star & YouTuber

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Marusya Shiklina is an AmericanRussian Tiktok, Instagram star, and youtuber. She is famous for her Adventures/Camping/Survival/Bushcraft videos., has gained immense popularity for her thrilling Adventures, Camping, and Survival videos. Her real name is Marusya Shiklina, though her birthdate remains undisclosed. Remarkably, she initiated her career in March 2023, captivating audiences worldwide with her exciting content.

 Marusya Shiklina was born on 20 June in New York, USA, Perhaps she lives in Russia But her birth year is not available. Her physical structure also fake chat indicates that he will be 18 to 25 years old.

Who is Flowina Paradise Real Name ? Flowina is a German Fashion Model, Instagram Star, and YouTuber. She is famous on Instagram, Tiktok Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube platforms for yoga & lifestyle videos.

Marusya Shiklina Bio zodiac sign is Gemini, her gender identity is female, and her ethnicity is White | Latina | Caucasian, according to her birth date.

Information about Marusya’s parents, siblings, and other relatives is currently unknown. Also no information or data about her educational qualification or training has been published on the internet.

We’ll talk about Flowina’s parents, siblings, and husband, and boyfriend details. She is a well-known youtube video blogger lady who perhaps not gets married.

Marusya Outdoors is a popular YouTuber and TikToker. She has more than 700K+ followers on Instagram, more than 2M+ followers on his Tik Tok account, and more than 4.5M+ followers on her YouTube Channel.

Flowina Paradise (flowinaparadise) is a German-born female talent, who is famous for her yoga & lifestyle videos.

She does yoga videos (or other workouts), tries on videos, behind-the-scenes, and models films. This post all about Instagram & Youtuber Flowina Paradise Biography, Wiki, age, height, net worth, photos & secret facts.

YouTube Career

Marusya started her YouTube career recently on 8 May 2023. Due to his videos going viral in the initial days, he gained 4.5M+ subscribers in a very short time. His viral video has more than 25 million views. Marusya uploads maximum short video content on her channel. Marusya Outdoors is one of the well-known YouTubers on social media.

Marusya wages, benefits, profits, and overall financial situation are not known to the general public. Experts estimate her net worth to be around $100,000 USD, indicating that she is financially secure (income sources include video blogging, sponsorship, and donations, among others).

What’s Flowina’s net worth? Let’s discuss her net worth, car, lifestyle, home loan, and possessions here. She’s a professional fashion model, a skilled Yoga expert, and she creates content online (on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube).

Flowina earns money mainly from sponsorships, ads, and donations. While we don’t know her exact net worth


Although Marusya Shiklina’s Wikipedia profile has not yet been created as of 2023, our author has attempted to have her information published on the website.

Marusya Shiklina Bio

Marusya is a highly skilled video creator who focuses on producing captivating content centered around adventure, camping, survival, and bushcraft.

Driven by her deep love for the outdoors, she skillfully captures awe-inspiring footage during her expeditions, well sharing her vast expertise and personal experiences with her audience.

Through her mesmerizing videos, Marusya not only inspires and entertains but also educates viewers on a wide range of outdoor skills, vividly displaying her unwavering dedication and profound connection to nature.

Although Marusya is a tiktok star and Instagram star but the YouTube platform has been at an important position in laying the foundation of her career.

She regularly uploads her Camping, Survival, and Bushcraft videos on youtube and other social media platforms which are interesting and have captured the hearts of the viewers.

She uploads her videos on the YouTube platform and has created a brand called “Marusya Outdoors”. Her current number of videos and subscribers on the i YouTube @marusya_outdoors platform is 390K subscribers 32 videos.

Currently, her tiktok profile username is @marusya.shiklina and she has total followers and likes of 1.5M. Followers 16.4M Likes

Flowina Paradise Bio

 Flowina, also known by her online brand name “flowinaparadise,” is a talented German female model and yoga expert. She’s a popular figure on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, where she’s known for her yoga workouts and videos.

She’s known for taking on exciting challenges and showcasing yoga workouts while exploring beautiful places like sea beaches and forests. Her aim is to inspire and entertain her audience through her workout routines.

She brings her gym exercises to her online presence, sharing her travel experiences as she discovers new and stunning locations.

She also shares yoga and other workout videos for everyone to enjoy. Additionally, her captivating photos and videos catch the attention of many online.

She’s gained a significant following on various platforms. On Instagram, she has more than 8.5K followers under the username “@flowinaparadise,” and her account is verified.

On TikTok, she has an impressive 1227 followers and over 2463 likes, going by the username “@flowinaparadise.”

Her Facebook profile, named “flowinaparadises,” has about 10K followers, but it’s not verified. Similarly, her YouTube profile with the username “@flowinaparadise” has gained substantial traction. She has 1.25 million subscribers and has uploaded 320 videos.

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