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Making A Fancy Applique Dress – Step By Step Instructions

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Making an applique dress is satisfying and fun and will allow you to express your self-identity through your clothing. You are able to create a unique garment from scratch with just a few basic simple supplies. Read this guest post to master the skill of creating beautiful applique dresses.

Various Applique Work Techniques

Several different techniques can be used to make an applique dress. Methods that are most commonly applied are the following:

Hand Applique Work

When using hand applique, the applique pieces are stitched onto the background fabric with hands. Basically, applied to traditional Indian clothing like sarees and dupattas, this technique is famous for creating intricate motifs.

Machine Applique Work

As indicated by the name, machine appliqué is a method that involves patches of applique designs for costumes being stitched onto the background cloth with the help of a sewing machine. This technique is often applied to contemporary clothing like dresses and tunics because of its efficiency and uniformity in design.

Applique Work Embroidery

Embroidered applique involves pieces being hand- and machine-stitched onto the base cloth. This technique is widely used for formal wear, typically wedding dresses, owing to its ability to create intricate patterns.

Making An Applique Dress: Step By Step Method

Step 1: Properly wash your clothes and get them ironed much in advance. The piece you choose to appliqué to and the cloth you decide to use should be prepared in advance. You should avoid washing your fabric in case you use a non-washable fabric like wool, felt, or silk. It is advised to wash the fabric and then let it dry naturally. In the end, iron out any remaining wrinkles.

Step 2: Select a layout and make a drawing of it on a piece of paper. You can choose to freehand the design or take the help of a stencil. In the end, the design can be printed right on a computer. If you are making an appliqué for the first time, it is wise that you stick to simple designs. Or buy applique patches online to simplify the task.

However, if you’re experienced, you may crochet a flower applique by hand and then make the drawing. You can even go for printing. Try to choose a sturdy paper like cardstock. This ensures a more straightforward tracing process. By flipping your design, regardless of whether you are working with letters, words, or numbers, it will still print out in the right orientation.

Step 3: Do away with the pattern. Now you may start transferring its lines to your outlay. You need to trace each color separately if your design has many colored layers.

Step 4: Buy an appliqué-specific iron-on glue. Iron-on, the fusible adhesive, is available in a large range of styles. You should try to buy the type with glue on both sides. You should notice the adhesive on one side and the paper on the other, when you buy it.

Process Of Creating The Applique

Step 1: Trace your design on the paper side of the interfacing. If you cannot recognize the paper side, try to find the smooth side. One side is rough and helps with adhering. Use a fabric pen to keep the ink from smudging or spreading all over the cloth. Finally, you’ll eliminate the paper backing and press the appliqué into your work.

Step 2: Affix the interfacing to the rare of the fabric with the help of an iron. The fabric’s opposite side should now be in front of you. Keeping the glue side down, interfacing needs to be laid out on top. The interfacing needs to be pressed for about 8 seconds with a hot, dry iron. Read the care instructions for the interfacing to find out the exact temperature to set the iron at.

Sewing The Applique Patches

Step 1: If using a black lace trim appliqué it needs to be sewn onto the object you have chosen. Appliqués may be ironed onto different fabrics, like t-shirts, backpacks, and tablecloths. Modify the setup to achieve optimal configuration for your needs.

Step 2: Follow the iron-on appliqué instructions found on the package. Even if specific instructions may change by the manufacturer, you generally place an ironing cloth on top of the appliqué and press it for a few seconds with a dry iron. Iron the appliqué a second time without the cloth to eliminate the remaining moisture if you are using a damp ironing cloth.

Step 3: Follow the outline of the applique designs for costumes with the sewing machine stitches. Most designs can be sewn on with a straight stitch. However, if you want to make the dress a bit fancy, you can go for a blanket stitch, zigzag stitch, decorative stitch, or even a satin stitch. To ensure your stitches don’t come undone, backstitch at the start and end of your sewing process.

Wrapping Up

Buy applique patches online to avoid the tedious work of creating an applique design on your own.

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