How to Overcome Common Challenges

LTL Shipping Disruptions: How to Overcome Common Challenges

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In our fast-paced society the logistics industry is an essential part of making sure that there is a smooth flow of products and goods across the borders. Less-than truckload services (LTL shipping ) are becoming a preferred option for companies looking for cost-effective shipping solutions for small shipment. Like all shipping methods, LTL shipping comes with its own set of issues which can cause disruption to your supply chain. In this blog we will look at the typical challenges encountered by LTL shipping and the ways Three Lines Shipping (TLS) is a major logistics that can assist businesses overcome these obstacles.


The LTL Shipping Landscape

Before getting into the challenges before we get into the issues, let’s take a short review of LTL shipping. In the case of an LTL shipment, several items from different shippers are combined to form a single truckload which makes it an economical choice for smaller shipments that don’t require the full capacity of a truck. LTL shipping offers more flexibility and lower expenses but it also poses certain issues that businesses need to solve.


Common Problems in LTL Shipping

1. Transfers and frequent handling:

LTL transports involve numerous handlings and transfers between various warehouses or trucks. This could increase the risk of loss or damage in the transportation. To minimize risk, ensure safe packaging and secure handling.


2. Changes in Transit Time:

LTL shipment may take longer transit times than full truckload shipments because of numerous stop-offs and transfers. This makes it difficult for businesses to establish precise schedules for delivery.


3. Freight Class Determination:

Less than Truckload Services depend on the freight class system(FID, LCP

and CLS) which determines the cost of a shipment depending on factors like dimensions, weight, and the type of commodity. Deciding on the proper freight class is a difficult task and mistakes could cause unexpected expenses.


4. Visibility and Tracking:

With multiple stops and transfers monitoring in real-time the status of LTL shipment becomes difficult. Tracking information is necessary to avoid confusion over the shipment’s status.


5. Claims and Damage to Freight:

The more frequent handling of LTL shipping could make them more prone to being damaged. The process of filing and settling freight damage claims can be lengthy and complex.


Surmounting LTL Shipping Challenges with Three Lines Shipping (TLS)

As a trusted, end-to-end logistics service provider operating in Dubai, Three Lines Shipping (TLS) is well-equipped for tackling the issues associated in LTL shipping. This is how TLS can assist companies in conquering these obstacles:


1. Professionally handled and packed:

TLS is aware of the importance of safe handling and appropriate packaging to ensure the safety of shipments in transport. Their skilled professionals make sure that every item is secured, thus reducing the chance of loss.


2. Optimization of Routing and Consolidation

TLS increases transportation efficiency. It gathers supplies effectively, and cuts transit times while optimizing supply chains to guarantee fast delivery.


3. Accurate Freight Class Determination:

The expertise of TLS in classification of freight ensures the shipments are correctly classified to help businesses avoid unanticipated expenses and issues with compliance.


4. Real-time tracking and visibility:

TLS utilizes advanced tracking technology which provides immediate access to LTL shipping. Customers are able to monitor their shipment at all times, improving management and planning.


5. Effective Claims Handling

In the unfortunate case of damage to freight, TLS expedites the claims handling process, lessening the burden for businesses while ensuring an equitable resolution.



LTL shipping offers affordable transportation choices for companies. However, navigating the difficulties that LTL shipping presents necessitates a dependable and knowledgeable partner like Three Lines Shipping (TLS). The comprehensive logistics solutions offered by them can help organizations manage effective supply chains. Foster growth by resolving frequent LTL shipping hiccups.

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