Is digital marketing certification from Digital Vidya worth the investment?

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Today, digital marketing courses are of the highest preference amongst students and working professionals. People working a 9-5 also show deep interest in digital marketing courses. Be it fresh graduates or homemakers, everybody is getting into this world. 

Even if you’re an entrepreneur or a freelancer; there is a digital marketing course in Kolkata for everyone. And, Digital Vidya is the best choice for every person.

Besides, there are also numerous unknown benefits of taking up a digital marketing course. It plays a large role in helping your business grow. You learn about everything about social media management, website traffic, and ads. Gain knowledge from high-level experience and expertise in the digital marketing field. 

However, if you’re still wondering whether you should invest in it or not, this article is for you. 

Should you invest in a digital marketing course?

There are numerous benefits of investing in a digital marketing course. However, here are three crucial advantages of taking up a digital marketing course:

  • Cost and time effective:

Why should you invest in a digital marketing certification course? You’ll get your answer in this article.

The biggest pro of taking up a digital marketing course is its cost-effectiveness. Within a range of 50K INR, you can get access to the most comprehensive course. You can pick the best institute online as per your budget constraints and needs.  

Additionally, you learn more as compared to your investment. Now, learning on a budget and applying the skill practically has become quite easy. 

Plus, you can learn it all from your couch. You don’t have to travel for hours and waste time commuting to offline institutes. Hence, it is the best time-saving option for students and working professionals. Learn at your preferred time at an affordable price. 

  • Choose from a varied range of career options

You can choose from a range of different career options. Learn social media marketing, SEO, or content marketing within one course. Besides, you can also learn everything in one course. How great is that! 

You can choose, a niche, or lesson with the best digital marketing course in IndiaAdditionally, companies like Twitter and Google are hiring digital marketers

It is best for you if you aim to work for such big companies. Depending on your interest and choice, you can choose your preferred occupation. There is a great future in the world of digital advertising in 2023. The introduction of startups and digital marketing agencies is increasing the demand for digital marketers. 

But, you have to make the necessary selection by calculating your needs. 

  • Get paid a significant salary

Due to huge demand, digital marketers get significant salaries for their services. This is the biggest advantage of online advertising and digital marketing training. As digital marketing demand is increasing, people’s spending capacity is also rising. 

The supply and demand of digital professionals are not proportional to each other. And, demand is exceeding the supply of digital marketers. 

A digital marketing course also helps increase your productivity. As you get guidance from the best industry professionals, you’re a step ahead of others. Hence, your role is very valuable in the corporate world. The incomes are also rising for positions like SEO, PPC, and SMO manager. 

And, these are the reasons why a digital marketing course from the best institute is highly valuable in 2023. 

Is investing in Digital Vidya worth it?

If you’re still unaware of the digital marketing course in India, read this article. 

Digital Vidya offers the best digital marketing course to:

– Working professionals

– Marketing professionals (willing to upskill)

– Business owners, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs 

– Freelancers 

You’ll be 100% satisfied with Digital Vidya’s marketing curriculum. The Digital Vidya course delivers exactly what it promises. 

If Digital Vidya’s course fails to fulfill your needs, you can ask for a 100% refund. 

You can attend the live session after enrolling in the course and see if it works for you. If it doesn’t, you can ask for a complete refund. However, you must ask for a refund immediately after the first live session and before the 2nd live session. 

Assistance for a job interview

Your digital marketing course at Digital Vidya doesn’t end here. At Digital Vidya, you get job interview support if you’re an eligible candidate. After completion of the digital marketing certification course, you get assistance from the placement cell. 

The placement process at Digital Vidya starts with resume creation, job application, interview readiness, selection, and joining. 

Why opt for digital vidya?

Apart from job assistance, Digital Vidya also provides digital marketing training to its students. There are 44 modules of comprehensive digital marketing lessons to learn from at Digital Vidya. The modules and lessons in the digital marketing curriculum vary depending on the importance of each niche. 

Additionally, you can also complete each module in a week. Digital Vidya also conducts live sessions every week to complete the lessons. This way of digital training is the appropriate way of gaining digital marketing knowledge.  

Besides, Digital Vidya has been in this industry since 2009. The courses of Digital Vidya are the best in the industry. You’ll learn all the techniques and tactics of digital marketing from the comprehensive course by Digital Vidya. 


Digital Vidya’s digital marketing certification course is the best investment out there. You get access to high-quality tools & resources. The best software and PDFs are accessible within the course fee. You can access these tools for a few weeks to months. 

The best teaching professionals and their techniques will help you understand digital marketing vividly. These professionals use their knowledge and experience to provide you with the best possible lessons. 

Digital Vidya also helps you use the tools and resources to the fullest with their digital marketing course curriculum. You’ll learn to apply theoretical knowledge in the practical world and make a living from it. 

And, these are the factors making Digital Vidya different from other digital marketing institutes. 

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