Introducing the RainPoint Solar Irrigation System: Revolutionizing Water Efficiency in Gardening

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Saving Water Made Easy

In today’s world, where water conservation is more important than ever, finding innovative solutions to save water while maintaining a beautiful garden can be a challenge. That’s where the rainpoint solar irrigation system comes in. Our mission is to create more water-efficient gardening tools that not only help you save water but also simplify your gardening efforts.

The RainPoint Digital Sprinkler Timer Series

Traditional household watering methods are not only time-consuming but also prone to water waste. With the RainPoint Digital Sprinkler Timer series, we are revolutionizing the way you water your plants. This advanced timer system features individual valves that automatically water plants on a schedule, while also allowing you to manually delay watering in case of rain. With complete control over the time and frequency of your watering, you can save up to 50% of water compared to manual watering. Say goodbye to water waste and hello to an easy and efficient watering experience.

The RainPoint WiFi Water Timer Series

For those seeking even more control and convenience, the RainPoint WiFi Water Timer series is the perfect choice. With the RainPoint APP, you can now control your watering anytime and anywhere. These timers not only allow you to set up a time-based watering schedule but also specify the exact amount of water to use per watering. Equipped with a built-in water flow meter, the timers can even end watering when it reaches a specified gallon. Our exclusive weather technology ensures that unnecessary watering is skipped, thanks to automatic rain delays and freeze weather delays. By adding a WiFi soil sensor, the timer adjusts watering based on real-time soil temperature and humidity data, delivering just the right amount of water your plants need. With the WiFi Water Timer series, you can achieve an additional 15% or more improvement in water savings, taking your water-efficient gardening journey to new heights.

RainPoint Smart+: The Future of Garden Irrigation

At RainPoint, we are not only committed to saving water but also to pushing the boundaries of smart home irrigation. Our RainPoint Smart+ series, powered by the new Homgar APP and unique cloud technology, allows all your watering devices to be connected in the cloud. Imagine a crossover smart home irrigation system where all your watering needs are seamlessly integrated. The possibilities are endless, and the future is here.

Embrace Water Efficiency Today

With the RainPoint Solar Irrigation System, you can make a significant impact on water conservation while enjoying a thriving garden. Our innovative solutions empower you to save water effortlessly and create a sustainable future for our planet. Join us in revolutionizing water efficiency in gardening and take the first step towards a greener tomorrow.

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