Residential Plots In Yamuna Expressway

How Yamuna Expressway Plots Are Worth Your Real Estate Investment

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The real estate industry is booming at a much faster rate than ever before. While there are potential home buyers showing their interest in purchasing the home of their dreams, real estate investors and industry magnates are also at the forefront of this race. Delhi NCR is no longer untouched by this surprising trend. Just like Gurgaon, Noida is emerging as a beacon of exceptional resilience and growth.

The rise of the Greater Noida’s Yamuna Expressway residential real estate market in Delhi NCR is exemplary. The region is already taking enormous strides in ensuring high-quality living standards for home seekers and assured returns to realty investors. 

Real Estate Market of Greater Noida

Greater Noida shines among the latest real estate industry landscape. This 6-lane wide, 166 km expressway from Greater Noida to Agra has all the futuristic infrastructure, making it a star among the crowd.

While Noida is a strategic geographical location in Delhi NCR that gives excellent connectivity to major highways, airports, and railway stations, Greater Noida is following in its footsteps. Some significant development proposals are enticing investors to put their faith in the region. And Yamuna Expressway projects are just the cherries on the cake.

Remarkable residential and commercial developments along Yamuna Expressway are making this region an attractive destination for many new opportunities. Increasing job opportunities, rising world-class infrastructure, top-level security systems, high-quality living standards, and soothing green cover along the expressway are worth investing in.

How Yamuna Expressway Authority Has Initiated The Regional Development

Major development projects by Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) across the region have always been the reason for the talks. Established in 2001, YEIDA takes care of the regional development of the Yamuna Expressway as a hub for industries, tourism, and logistics.

Below are some of the ways to explain how YEIDA is developing the Yamuna Expressway.

Industrial Parks: YEIDA is the building force behind many crucial projects on the Yamuna Expressway. The development of these industrial parks along the expressway brings a range of facilities and amenities, including efficient water and power supply, better road connectivity, highways and flyovers for congestion-free traffic, commercial regions, and much more. Many globally known companies have planned to set up their manufacturing units in these parks. Thereby promoting job opportunities and economic growth in the region.

Smart Cities: YEIDA has prospected the development of smart cities along the expressway. These smart cities will ensure advanced technologies, smart management systems, and vast transportation networks. Purchasing plots in Yamuna Expressway smart cities will be worth the investment for home seekers and real estate enthusiasts.

Tourism Infrastructure: The significant development along the Yamuna Expressway will give an impactful impetus to tourism infrastructure in the region. YEIDA has already identified several potential tourism destinations along the route and is coming up with new establishments of service areas, rest shops, and tourist information centres. YEIDA has also encouraged builders for the development of world-class resorts and hotels along the expressway, leading to impeccable tourism growth in the region.

Logistics Hubs: Yamuna Expressway is already going through a drastic change which is going to revolutionise the entire professional ecosystem of the region. With some potential identified logistics hubs, YEIDA has initiated the development of dedicated freight corridors and logistics parks along the expressway. These state-of-the-art logistics and warehousing facilities will significantly reduce transportation costs and improve the efficiency of the supply chain.

Residential Projects: Great news for home seekers and real estate developers, Yamuna Expressway has opened gates for several residential projects in the area. Buying a Yamuna apartment on the Expressway has now become smooth and convenient. YEIDA’s newly launched housing schemes for different income groups, including affordable housing projects, are grabbing news headlines. These projects have offered modern amenities and facilities to home seekers and have made it possible for people to commute easily from and to nearby cities such as Noida and Greater Noida.

Greater Noida’s strategic location, well-planned infrastructure, high-rising commercial projects, and proactive governance have fueled its ascent. The city is going through a trail of impactful development, and the above factors display the rising importance of Greater Noida’s Yamuna Expressway.

Reasons To Invest In Yamuna Authority Plots

Yamuna Expressway Authority plots, or YEIDA plots, are getting unmatchable attention from real estate buyers and property investors. These affordable plots along the Yamuna Expressway have made a huge impact on the local real estate market, and property seekers are eager to reserve a spot for them.

Here we’ll discuss the various reasons why Yamuna Expressway authority plots are grabbing headlines in Delhi NCR.

Infrastructural Benefits

Noida’s Sector 21A is undergoing massive development as it already has the 25,000-seater Buddh International Circuit (F1 Track) and NOIDA Cricket Stadium (or Tehra Cricket Stadium) in its bucket.

With the city’s intention to become the top residential hub for potential home buyers, some gigantic projects, such as Gaur Yamuna City and Ajnara Panorama, are in line with the government-allocated plots. As per the prospected plan, YEIDA’s more than 24,000 hectares of land will be utilised for business, commercial spaces, residential hub spots, and green cover.

Better Connectivity

Noida is already nestled in a strategic geographical location between Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. The Yamuna expressway provides seamless road connectivity to some major cities such as Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Mathura, and Agra. Residential plots on Yamuna Expressway introduce you to the benefit of congestion-free traffic as the expressway’s wide road networks will give you the travel feel you never experienced before.

Job Opportunities

Big development projects bring a continuous flow of numerous professional opportunities. While there are many potential job seekers who include Greater Noida in their checklist, the Yamuna Expressway is no longer behind the comparison. Big commercial projects on the Noida Expressway have stimulated the influx of countless work activities. Even big real estate developers have propounded their project to create Yamuna Expressway a shining hub for remarkable commercial establishments.

Commercial and Residential Investment Opportunities

Noida is already getting showered with huge investments for its commercial and residential real estate. Being the top choice among many multinational establishments, IT companies, and startups, Greater Noida is experiencing the same rising demand for office spaces. The city’s openness to diverse options for home buyers, such as luxury apartments, empty plots, and affordable housing projects, has enhanced its attractiveness as a residential destination.

The Concluding Words!

Investors, who are searching for an opportunity to invest their hard-earned money in to place where they get assured returns, should consider Yamuna Expressway right now. The expressway looks to be a fantastic opportunity for real estate investments. One-time investments may double up your money within 5 years as the land prices increase by 30% to 50%.

Investments in Yamuna Expressway projects will surely bring a wide smile to your face!

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