How to Repair Damaged Lashes?

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Have you ever wondered how to fix damaged lashes? Read on for additional information on how to maintain your lashes long and healthy.

Eyelash extensions are used to enhance the length and volume of your current lashes by glueing extensions to them. Lash extensions are expected to last around 2–4 weeks before needing to be filled again. However, if this procedure is not performed correctly by a professional, the extensions may tug on your natural lashes, causing them to fall out and or break. While it is uncommon, the extensions may also weigh down your natural eyelashes, and you may find that after your extensions are removed, your eyelashes are shorter, thinner, and lack curl.

There is no need to be concerned if you have had your eyelash extensions removed and are experiencing any of these issues. These techniques can quickly restore the shape of your eyelashes.

Revive7 Lash serum to cure your lash problems

Revive7 is Canada’s leading lash serum. Powered by 7 clean and natural ingredients, your lashes will begin to grow and become healthier and fuller within 7–21 days.

Taking Care of your damaged Lashes

Avoid mascara products that are harmful and drying. Many mascaras include harsh chemicals that can harm your lashes as well as irritate the skin surrounding them. Try Revive7 Revitalizing mascara to increase your lash fullness and length.

Before purchasing mascara, double-check the ingredients. Look for an all-natural mascara that works well for you. In the long term, it is healthier for the environment and your eyelashes.

Avoid using waterproof mascara on damaged lashes

When you take it off at the end of the day, it may be detrimental to your eyelashes since it takes a lot of rubbing to get it all off, and there is sometimes residue build-up because it doesn’t always come off completely.

Take a vacation from extensions

Even if you think you need extensions all the time, give your lashes a rest every few months. They require healing time, and the weight of the extensions can be hefty and detrimental to your original eyelashes.

Replace the extensions with artificial eyelashes. If you have naturally thin or short eyelashes, falsies are an excellent technique to enhance them. The best thing is that you may remove them before going to bed to give your lashes a rest.

Try having our Lashforever Canada’s eyelash extensions solely for special occasions and letting them fall out naturally.

Taking care of yourself

Eat a high-protein diet. Protein is quite helpful in boosting eyelash development and strengthening them so that they can heal damage. Because hair is mostly composed of protein, consuming foods such as eggs, beans, yogurt, seafood, and so on is critical for repairing and maintaining the health of your eyelashes. Soy proteins are exactly as effective!

Keep hydrated

Drinking enough water is critical for eyelash healing. It will be extremely advantageous to your eyelash health as well as your general wellness. Well-hydrated eyelashes do not fall off as easily and mend themselves

Consider using water monitoring software on your smartphone to keep track of how much water you consume throughout the day.

Try flavoring your water with sugar-free flavors.

Do damaged lashes regrow on their own?If one eyelash is cut or burnt but there is no harm to the follicle or eyelid, it will usually grow back in approximately 6 weeks. It’s a different scenario if you pluck one eyelash out. It may take longer for the eyelashes to regrow. Using Revive7 Lash serum will help give back nourishment to each follicle. Within no time you will end up loving your natural lashes over the extensions.

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