How to Make Rosemary Water For Hair & What are its benefits?

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Rosemary is an aromatic evergreen shrub which is a native to the Mediterranean region. This is largely used in the fragrance industries and is cultivated for many practical reasons, such as medicine and cooking. Its leaves are normally used in cooking to flavour the food, such as in roast meats and stuffing, and also in making of skincare products. But did you also know that rosemary is also a powerful and popular herb which is widely used in hair products too?. Well, rosemary water for hair is an amazing tonic, which stimulates the growth of new hair and care for the scalp, far better than any product you generally buy from a store. And the best part is that it is absolutely free to make, so it will save your money as well. But if you wonder now how to make rosemary water for hair and how to use it on hair, then we got you covered through this article with complete information below.

As you scroll down, you will find out complete details about rosemary water, such as how to make it, ingredients needed for it, what are its potential benefits for hair and much more. So just keep reading below to check out all the related info.

How to make rosemary water for hair?

If you think that it must be tough to make rosemary water, then let us tell you, it is the easiest, and so you will be surprised to know how simple it is to make. It is literally just the water and the sprigs of rosemary that you need to make it, where a lot of people think that there would be more ingredients included, but it’s just these two. So below is the easy recipe to make it-

Ingredients needed-

  1. 2 sprigs of rosemary
  2. 3 cups of water

Now, instructions for how to make rosemary water for hair are as follows-

  1. Firstly, bring water to a boil.
  2. Then, add some fresh sprigs of rosemary to it, remove it from the heat, cover it properly, and steep it for at least 1 hour or until this water cools down. Most people usually prefer to leave the rosemary in the water until it is completely cooled off, which maximises the goodness of the water.
  3. Then, once it is done, transfer this water to a spray bottle.
  4. And finally you just have to spray this water on to your dry hair daily or 2 to 3 times a week for the normal hair. (and remember to store the spray bottle in the fridge for 2 weeks)

Benefits of Rosemary Water

As you know now how to make rosmary water for hair, let us find out about the benefits that it offers. There are many amazing benefits of using rosemary water spray on hair, so here is a list of some of them-

  1. One of the most recognised benefits of using rosemary water is that it stimulates the growth of hair.
  2. Rosemary water has been largely popular and used for many centuries to help treat the loss of hair naturally, such as when a person loses hair due to ageing or stress.
  3. A lot of studies have suggested that both the rate of hair growth and the amount of hair might increase if rosemary water is regularly used on hair.
  4. Overall if we look at it, this water gives very positive and optimistic results, with many people getting faster and stronger growth of hair, along with a healthier scalp.
  5. This water also helps to keep the scalp hydrated and add the much needed antibacterial properties to ur hair to relieve the itchiness and the dry skin.
  6. And one of the best things about using rosemary water is that it is perfect for all types of hair and this can be used as a cleanser for growing hair as often as you want.
  7. And of course let’s not forget that rosemary water smells excellent and herbal.

And so there are enough reasons to support why rosemary water is an excellent choice for hair and why you should learn how to make rosemary water for hair soon so that you can also benefit from it!!

How to use rosemary water on hair?

One of the best ways to use rosemary water on hair is by spraying it using a spray bottle lightly onto the dry hair. After it, just give your hair a gentle brush to make it go through your scalp to the ends of your hair.

You can also use it on the wet hair after you have washed your hair and then just comb and dry your hair to normal, it’s actually entirely your choice which way you want to do it.

While looking at various surveys on how people like to use rosemary water on hair, it was noticed that most people like to give their hair a ‘rosemary rinse’, where they apply a bit more as the hair soaks, and then leave it on like that for at least a few minutes. And finally just wash it off. 

It also works well as a tool for hydrating hair, but you would not need to do this frequently. And so a regular light spray on hair is far better than a once in a while moon hair soak. So whatever way you want to do it, just do it the right way, and it will keep your hair healthy and stronger.

Just remember that one of the main things about rosemary water is that you should use it on a regular basis and store it in a spray bottle in the fridge. And it will take almost 6 months to notice any change in the condition of the hair or in improvement of the scalp health. 

And thus, above are the complete details on how to make rosemary water for hair, what are its amazing benefits and how to use it on hair. So what are you waiting for?. Just go and make yours now to make your hair stronger and better!!

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