How to Increase Sales Using Online Promotion?

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In the United States, 87 million people use the Internet every month – 60% of the country’s population. Users not only read the news and watch videos with cats, but also willingly spend money on the Web.

When a person wants to buy something, the first thing he searches for is information on the Internet. Turning a site visitor or group into a buyer allows online marketing.

Internet marketing and seo services Santa Monica – this is an action aimed at promoting goods and services on the Internet. Using his tools, you can increase sales, attract new customers and increase brand awareness.

A Brief Dictionary of Internet Marketers

  • KPIs are key performance indicators. They help determine the effectiveness of a landing page, an advertising campaign, or a marketing strategy in general.

  • URL – a web address, a line in the browser that allows you to understand which resource you are on.

  • Click – user action on a site or in a group.

  • Content – articles, notes, photos or videos. All that you fill the site or group.

  • Landing page (landing page) is a one-page site presenting a product, service or service.

  • A lead is a potential customer who has left his contacts on the landing page, in online chat, or elsewhere.

  • Targeting – setting up an advertising campaign that allows you to display advertising messages on certain grounds. It happens geographical, temporary, socio-demographic and so on.

  • A tag is a short designation of what is being discussed in a text or multimedia file.

Internet Marketing Components

  • Product: What goods or services do you sell? What is their uniqueness? Why are you better than your competitors?

  • Client: Where do the people to whom you sell your product live? How old are they, what do they do and how much do they earn? Is it mostly men or women? How do they behave on the Internet?

  • Strategy: This is a long-term action plan that will lead you to profit growth. To build an Internet marketing strategy, you need to answer questions about the product and customers and decide on the tools (about them a little later).

The Benefits Of Internet Marketing

  • Informational content: 
  • On the one hand, buyers receive all the necessary information about goods and services. On the other hand, entrepreneurs have a whole arsenal for analytics and evaluating business performance.
  • Interactivity: You can communicate directly with customers, receive quick feedback and influence the minds of consumers.
  • Performance: People are tired of regular advertising. Billboards, videos on radio and TV are perceived as white noise. Advertising on the Internet takes on new forms and reaches its goals. However, it is much cheaper.

How does it work?

You have made a website or an online store, started a blog or group in social networks. They decorated them beautifully and even regularly filled them with interesting content. Does this mean that soon your sales will skyrocket? Not.


To start the mechanism of Internet marketing, you need to develop a strategy. That is, to study your product, customers and competitors, as well as choose the best tools. Get to know the main ones.


Internet Marketing: Search Engine Marketing

This is a set of measures aimed at making Yandex and Google love your site and bring as many potential buyers to you as possible.

Search engine marketing includes search engine optimization (SEO) and contextual advertising.

The first one is to fill your site with keywords that your target audience is looking for in search engines. For SEO, you need to at least work out the semantic core through Wordstat, ennoble URLs and register tags.

The second is necessary for people to see ads about your products and services when they search for something similar on the Internet. They work with contextual advertising either through Google Adwords.

Search engine marketing works. However, to achieve noticeable results in it, you need a separate budget and a separate specialist who will help you set everything up. It’s hard to figure it out. This is an unjustified investment if you are only taking the first steps in Internet marketing.

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