how to cure chapped lips fast what are the best ways to prevent It?

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Chapped lips is a problem which can happen at any time of the year. Whether it be bitter cold outside, dry air, harsh effects of sun or using cosmetic products, these all are major contributors of the lips becoming cracked, flaked or just dried out. While lip balms can certainly help to moisten the lips, it is not good for the long run, and so there are a lot of home remedies that you could try out for the best and natural results. So if you want to know how to cure chapped lips fast and naturally, then we got you covered through this article.

As you scroll down, you will find out complete details on chapped lips, such as how you can cure them fast, what are the best ways to prevent them and much more. So just keep reading elbow to check out all the info.

How to cure chapped lips fast?

  1. Start by exfoliating-  Chapped lips are usually covered in a dry skin layer which prevents the healing ingredients present in the lip balm from reaching the right area. So people generally prefer to use scrubs on lips to lightly exfoliate away the dry skin on lips. You can buy a lip scrub from your market nearby, but it is always better to make it on your own, as it will be all natural. It is very easy to make your own lip scrub, just by using the ingredients that are easily available at home. Here is what you will need-
  2. 1 tablespoon of an emollient, such as oil or honey.
  3. A damp washcloth to get it removed.
  4. A swab of cotton to apply the scrub easily.
  5. 1 tablespoon of exfoliating ingredients, such as sea salt and sugar.
  6. A small container or bowl for mixing the ingredients

Now, the steps to make the lip scrub as a solution for how to cure chapped lips fast are as follows-

  1. Firstly, combine all the exfoliating ingredients like sugar or salt and the emollient like honey or oil in a small container or bowl.
  2. Then, dip the swab of cotton into the scrub.
  3. Then, apply this scrub to your lips by applying gentle pressure, and following a circular motion.
  4. And then just wipe the scrub off using a damp cloth.

And once your lips will be exfoliated, just apply any of the home remedies, as mentioned below, to get moisture and smoothness for your chapped lips.

  1. Try different natural remedies- 
  2. Aloe Vera- It has a lot of uses and is best known to treat sunburns. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties in it and the soothing effect, which makes it an amazing choice for treating the dry lips and so is an effective solution of how to cure chapped lips fast.
  3. Coconut oil- This oil is made from the flesh of coconuts, and it contains inflammation and is considered to be an emollient. This simply means that it can both soften and soothe your skin and chapped lips.
  4. Honey- This is very moisturising that makes it a very good treatment for the chapped and dry lips. This also consists of antibacterial and antioxidants properties that help to prevent the infections from getting it developed in the cracked and dry lips.
  5. Green Tea- This tea is very rich in minerals and antioxidants, and it also contains polyphenols which helps to reduce the inflammation. So soaking a bag of green tea in the warm water and then gently rubbing it over the lips to soothe and soften it, which will help a lot to remove the dry & cracked skin. This one tradition is way more gentle than any other traditional exfoliation.
  6. Cucumber- Cucumbers are also considered great to get rid of the chapped lips fast as it contains minerals & vitamins which helps to gently moisturise the lips and improve the overall appearance of the lips.
  7. Do not forget to drink water- Not drinking adequate water or dehydration is one of the major causes behind lips becoming chapped. And people usually do not notice that they are quite dehydrated, so it is always suggested that you make it a habit to drink water at regular intervals, throughout the day. 

Best ways to prevent chapped lips

As we read above about the methods of how to cure chapped lips fast, it is better to prevent it in the first place. So keeping the lips moisturised is one of the best things that can be done to prevent them from getting chapped. Below are a few more ways which will prevent your lips from drying out-

  1. Use a humidifier- If you feel the air is dry, you can simply use a humidifier to add moisture in the air in your home.
  2. Protect or cover your lips- Heat, wind and cold weather are contributors to chapped lips. So it is better to protect your lips by covering it with a layer of moisturising cream or a balm before you head out, as it contains sunscreen.
  3. Try to breathe through your nose more- When we breathe through our mouth, it causes dry lips and mouth. So you should try to breathe from your nose more. Also, see a doctor to check if you have sinus or any other allergy, if you are congested often.
  4. Keep yourself hydrated- Drinking plenty of water to keep not only your lips but your complete body hydrated is very essential, so that you don’t have to search for how to cure chapped lips fast.
  5. Avoid using lip products which contain irritants- There are a lot of lip products which have chemicals in them that dry out our lips. So it is important to choose the products which do not contain dyes, alcohol or any kind of fragrance.

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