How to Attract Readers During Peak Shopping Season in 2022

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With the 2022 peak shopping season upon us, now is the time to focus on building a strategy that will allow you to operate efficiently and drive sales. This requires planning ahead and embracing the opportunity. During peak events, shoppers tend to operate in browsing mode, adding products to their Wishlist. It’s important to capture this behavior by focusing on retargeting – with low CPC branded keywords – on Sponsored Product ads.

Sensory Adjectives

Sensory details spice up writing by describing what it looks, sounds, feels and smells like. These words help readers visualize and experience your story—like they’re right there with the characters. Words related to touch describe textures and can also evoke emotions and abstract concepts: gritty, slimy, bumpy, prickly. Smelly words can be used to describe scents, and can sometimes be interchanged with taste: zesty, tantalizing, sweet, rotten, rancid. Sound can be described using alliteration and onomatopoeia: crashing, thumping, buzzing, ringing, sizzled, piercing.

Movement and movement-related words (bouncing, swinging, soaring) are sensory descriptions. They can also convey emotions and action in the mind’s eye, letting readers see a character running through the trees or catching a ball. These are called kinetic adjectives. They’re a great way to entice readers to keep reading. They’re often used in sports stories and movies to amplify the drama. They’re also great in business blogs to add energy and momentum. This is especially true if your blog has an emotional topic.


Testimonials from satisfied customers are one of the best ways to increase customer trust in your eCommerce business. Using testimonials on your website or in your ads creates a bond between potential leads and your company. This is especially true when you feature a testimonial video of an enthusiastic customer.

Testimonial videos can tell a much more detailed and compelling story than text-based reviews. It’s also possible to make the stories more visual by incorporating photos or avatars of the customers in their testimonials. It’s important to get consent from the customer before displaying their testimonials on your site or in your marketing materials. This can be done by sending them a letter or email explaining how their testimonial will be used and why.

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Testimonials can be placed on a dedicated page on your Shopify store or scattered throughout your site. If you use a testimonials page, it’s important to keep the number of testimonials to a reasonable amount to avoid overwhelming visitors.

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions about ecommerce are must-have. They help improve a site’s SEO, which in turn helps attract organic traffic, leads, and conversions. Unfortunately, a lot of retailers take this important marketing tool for granted.

It’s not the length of your description or how many words you use that sells, it’s how you communicate the information to your shoppers. It’s not enough to merely list out your products’ features and specifications; potential buyers want to hear how those features will transform their lives.

Kettle & Fire effectively communicates this by using a descriptive, storytelling style. This method allows the brand to personalize their PDP without resorting to generic, sterile bullet points. Joybird also employs this approach, enticing visitors to imagine themselves relaxing on their new sectional by telling them they’ll experience “dreamy comfort.” This way, your product is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s an investment in the buyer’s life. It’s a promise of the future.

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