How many times can I change my flight for free?

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Just like the ability to change your flight for free depends upon several factors, so does the extent of it. If you are travelling with British Airways, the number of times you can opt for flight modification depends upon fare class, ticket type, airline, and many other factors.

So, it is hard to say that you can get a fixed number of free changes for your flights booked. Yet, here’s everything you need to know about the number of times you can change your flight for free.

Type of ticket.

If you possess a flexible ticket i.e., which is partially or fully refundable, you may be eligible for multiple flight modifications at different times without incurring an additional fee or cost.  This is because flexible tickets are designed keeping in view the comprehensive flight changing and rebooking needs of the customers. As a result, they are more expensive as well.

On the other hand, if you have non-refundable tickets i.e., base fare, you cannot opt for even a first-fee flight change because your ticket doesn’t support such requests.

Destination and Route.

There may be more lenient change policies available for certain routes and destinations at different times and vice versa. Therefore, it is another important factor to consider in this regard.

Changeable Tickets.

Like many airlines, BA also offers changeable tickets that come with little or no changing fee at all i.e., depending upon your circumstances. Changeable tickets are usually offered for;

  1. Premium economy class.
  2. Business class.
  3. First class.
  4. Certain full-fare economy class tickets as well.

However, the number of free changes depends upon the individual airline policies and the seasonality.


The availability of seats also affects your flight change capabilities. If there’s a peak travel season and/or high demand for your desired flight, there may be restricted flight modification policies for all of the travellers. However, higher travel classes still get flight modification options to some extent.

Elite Status.

If you have an elite status with the airline loyalty program, you may receive infinite free changes to your flights. In addition, members with elite status also have the additional travel flexibilities like;

  • Cancelling flights at the last minute without any cancellation fee.
  • Making changes to their flight near the departure date without any extra fee, etc.

Other than elite status, other higher tiers of the airline frequent flyer program can also offer you multiple complimentary flight modification options for your booked ones.


The timing of your flight changes and/or modification request also determines the associated fee. If you are changing your flight dates before the departure date with sufficient days to spare, you can get free flight changes. On the other hand, if you are making changes to your flight last minute, you may only have the room to change your flight one or two times even for the higher-fare classes.

Booking Class and Fare Rules.

The fare rules attached to your ticket type also affect your eligibility for free flight changes.

  • Base fare flights usually have no changing capabilities.
  • Standard economy class tickets may offer one free-of-cost flight change option.
  • Non-refundable ticket possesses strict change policies.
  • Business class and first class offer multiple free changes for your flight modification needs.
  • Premium economy might have more than one complimentary flight change.

Booking Channel.

Last but not least, make sure that you are aware of the flight change policies imposed by the third-party travel agent or aggregator when booking your flight through them. This is because their flight-changing policies might differ and usually come with a fee in addition to the airline policies.





So, if you want to get multiple free flight changes, consider buying tickets for British Airways premium economy or a higher travel class.

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