study mbbs in china
study mbbs in china

How Affordable Is Multiple Myeloma Treatment In India? – Everything You Should Know

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With speedy modernization and technological advancement, various life-threatening diseases like cancer are progressing steadily.

Today, various complex cancers exist and affect the lives of humans to a great extent. One such rare type of blood cancer affecting an individual’s bone marrow is Multiple Myeloma.

It is a rare cancer that affects about 7 people out of a total of 100,000 people each year. There is no absolute cure for this condition. However, various treatments can help ease the symptoms and lead to prolonged remission.

The treatment for his condition is offered worldwide. However, India stands out from these countries in various aspects, including the low cost.

On average, the multiple myeloma treatment cost in India starts from Rs. 532800 and can alter due to various factors such as accommodation expense, choice of doctor & hospital, medications, imaging tests, and other facilities the patient selects.

If you want to know more about multiple Myeloma and its treatment cost in India, then keep reading this blog till the end!

What is Multiple Myeloma, And How Is It Caused?

Multiple Myeloma is a type of infrequent blood malignancy that originates from the bone marrow and occurs in the healthy plasma cells, a part of an individual’s immune system.

Plasma cells or B cells are a type of WBC (white blood cells) that produce antibodies focusing on stimulating the immune system to fight infections and diseases in the body.

When a tumor emerges in the bone marrow, the cancerous cells attack the healthy plasma cells, leading to a low immunity or attacking capacity of the individual. 

The absolute cause of this disease is not fully understood. Some of the main reasons why multiple Myeloma can occur in a person depend upon environmental factors, genetic mutations & predispositions, obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, and an inflammatory health condition.

What Are The Symptoms Associated With Multiple Myeloma?

Diverse patterns of signs and symptoms can be observed in patients diagnosed with multiple Myeloma or people with a probability of developing the illness. 

Some symptoms can easily be noticed and felt, while others can be minor and hard to detect. Some of the most common symptoms linked to multiple Myeloma are listed below:

  • Bone Pain ( in the spine and chest region)
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Exhaustion 
  • Weak limbs
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Vomiting
  • Feeling thirsty frequently
  • Bruising
  • Fever
  • Mental confusion
  • Infections
  • No appetite
  • Constipation

Many other minor and major symptoms can also be observed in people with this ailment. It is important to seek immediate advice from a professional physician for a timely diagnosis and better management of the disease.

What Includes The Treatment?

Diverse options are available throughout the world for the therapy of multiple Myeloma. Some of the widely used treatment techniques for effective therapy include chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy, stem cell therapy, or stem cell transplant. Sometimes, medications like antibiotics are also used to ease severe symptoms like bone pain and infections.

Is Multiple Myeloma Treatment Affordable In India?

India is well-known for offering refined and affordable treatment to global patients. The speedy progression in the healthcare sector has also stimulated the growth of this sector, making it one of the most preferred destinations for the treatment of a variety of diseases.

The treatment of multiple Myeloma is also readily available throughout the country, regardless of its complexity and rare nature. 

Usually, the average multiple myeloma treatment cost in India starts from Rs. 532800 and can go up to Rs. 710400. ( USD 6458 to USD 8611)  

This is significantly lower and inexpensive than the expenses offered in various Western and European countries. In the USA, the average cost of multiple myeloma treatment is USD 757,386 per patient, which is relatively much higher than the treatment cost offered in India, along with a speedy recovery and accurate therapy.

So, it can be considered that the multiple myeloma treatment cost in India is highly affordable and can easily be accessed by the majority of people.

Top 5 Doctors In India For Your Multiple Myeloma Treatment

Many Doctors in India specialize in the various fields of medicine and offer effective treatments for a variety of ailments. Hematology is also one of the fields which is practiced by many doctors in India.

We have mentioned the names of some of the best Hematologists in India, along with their specialties and experience for your multiple myeloma treatment, in this blog for your reference. I hope it helps!


Dr. Rahul Bhargava

  • Having a vast knowledge of more than 23 years in Hemato-Oncology and bone Marrow Transplant, Dr. Rahul Bhargava is one of the most refined hematologists in the country.
  • He has successfully conducted over 1,000 record-breaking bone marrow transplant surgeries throughout his medical career and is also an expert in treating Castleman disease.
  • He has also gained international experience by working in Vancouver, Canada, where he focused mostly on umbilical cord transplantation.

Dr. Gaurav Kharya 

  • Based in New Delhi, India, Dr. Gaurav Kharya is a renowned Hematologist in India with an extensive experience of more than 17 years in the field.
  • He has marked his name for performing the foremost transplant of the haploidentical bone marrow done for sickle cell disease in India.
  • He has performed over 600 successful bone marrow transplants throughout his career and is also interested in medical procedures such as haploidentical transplants and matched or mismatched unrelated donor transplants.

Dr. Vikas Dua

  • Dr. Vikas Dua is an exceptionally qualified and talented Hematologist in Gurugram, India, and has acquired a venture of nearly 21 years in the field.
  • He is a Pediatric-Hemato-Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant consultant and has successfully conducted transplants for thalassemia and leukemia in children from various countries.
  • Dr. Dua has been acknowledged with various national and international awards for his eminent skills and is exceptionally qualified in the field of pediatric pharmacology and bone marrow transplantation.

Dr. Mallikarjun Kalashetty

  • Having a vast experience of nearly 14 years in the field, Dr. Mallikarjun Kalashetty is one of the most capable Hematologists based in Bangalore, India. 
  • He is exceptionally specialized in treating hematological ailments such as thrombocytopenia, leukemia, lymphoma, Myeloma, thalassemia, anemia, and other bleeding disorders.
  • He has worked at diverse, well-reputed medical institutions around the world and has also been acknowledged with a Gold Medal in DM- Clinical Hematology in the year 2011.

Dr. Shishir Seth

  • Dr. Shishir Seth is a distinguished Hematologist based in New Delhi, India, with a vast experience of more than 25 years in the field of hematology.
  • His specializations include the treatment of hematological disorders such as myelodysplastic syndrome as well as anemia, thalassemia, acute leukemia (AML/ ALL), lymphoma, chronic myeloproliferative neoplasm, bleeding, multiple Myeloma, CML, CLL, and clotting disorders.
  • He has successfully performed 150 hematopoietic BMT surgeries, including haplo-identical and antigen mismatch transplants, and 300 induction therapies for acute leukemia throughout his medical career.

Hence, multiple Myeloma is a rare type of blood cancer that emerges in the bone marrow and can substantially affect a person’s life.  

The treatment of this disease is available in various countries, including India. The country is one of the finest destinations for healthcare procedures due to its cutting-edge technology and exceptionally trained doctors who claim to deliver proper therapy and prompt recovery of patients. 

The multiple myeloma treatment cost in India is also incredibly affordable and pocket-friendly, which makes India the best location to avail of every medical facility under budget!

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