Automatic Driving Lessons in Maltby
Automatic Driving Lessons in Maltby

Do You Need Separate Licenses for Manual and Automatic Cars?

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Before you decide to avail yourself of Automatic Driving Lessons in Maltby, read our guide below to learn all about driving licenses and requirements.

Do you need separate licenses for manual and automatic cars?

There are several misunderstandings regarding automatic and manual licenses; one is that you need separate licenses for both. The Category B or Full UK Driving License allows you to drive automatic and manual cars. For a full driving license, you must pass the driving test, including a theory and a practical test. You must also have a provisional license to apply for a Category B license.

What is a provisional license?

Before you avail of Automatic Driving Lessons Sheffield, you need a provisional license. Your provisional license is your first step towards gaining a full UK driving license. If you are 15 years and nine months old or older, you can apply for a provisional license, your permit for “learning” to drive or ride. For cars, this minimum age requirement is 17 years. Your provisional license will mention the category you have applied for. The provisional license is valid for ten years.

What does a provisional license allow you to do?

With a provisional license in your pocket, you can join a driving school to learn to drive or have a licensed adult accompany you. The adult must be at least 21 years old and must hold a driving license that is three years old or older without any disqualification.

Who issues the provisional license?

The DVLA, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, is responsible for issuing provisional and all other driving license categories in the United Kingdom. To apply for a provisional license, you must fill and submit the D1 form, which you can find on their website or get a hard copy from your nearest post office.

Should you learn on an automatic or a manual car?

The answer depends on your preferences and which car you expect to drive once you have the license. However, it should be noted that you’ll have to take separate tests for both automatic and manual transmissions. Learning in an automatic car and passing your automatic driving test will provide you with a driving license but with a restriction marked on your license, which reads “automatic only”. The same does not apply to learning on manual cars and passing the manual test. You can drive both automatic and manual cars if you pass the manual driving test.

Which are more difficult? Automatic or manual driving lessons?

Although there are differences between the two types of lessons as the vehicles are slightly different, it should be equally convenient for a good driving instructor to train you in either. Automatic driving lessons are considered relatively easy because they have automatic transmission, and you don’t have to worry about the clutch or shifting the gears. However, manual driving lessons provide you with more control over your vehicle.

Who is authorized to give you driving lessons?

Registered driving schools or driving instructors who are qualified are authorized to provide you with automatic and manual driving lessons. In the United Kingdom, an ADI or Approved Driving Instructor. These professionals are registered with the DVSA and have passed a series of tests, which include a theory test, driving ability test, and instructional ability test. Driving schools also offer ADI training lessons if you want to become a driving instructor.

Is it a legal requirement to take driving lessons from a school or ADI?

Taking lessons from a driving school or an Approved Driving Instructor is not a statutory requirement. Any adult from your family or a friend who has a valid license and has held it for three years can teach you how to drive. However, driving schools and instructors have the professional expertise and the experience to train you well so that you can gain your driving license.

Are there different categories of driving licenses?

There are numerous categories of driving licenses. The Category B license allows you to drive automatic and manual vehicles ranging from ordinary cars to light vans. Category A is for motorcycles only. For lorries and trucks, you need category C or C1. For passenger buses, you need a Category D or D1 license. Apart from these, there are several other categories as well.

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