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Common Roundhouse Kick Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Can’t figure out where you’re lacking in MMA? It is not poor choices in professional gear that can be a roadblock to your success but the wrong execution of techniques. Roundhouse kicks are one of the most powerful techniques in MMA.

Wrong execution of such a powerful technique can keep you from the finish line. MMA is one of the most versatile combats. Both in traditional and modern MMA, roundhouse kicks allow you to exercise power.

Martial arts uses a combination of techniques and training. You can improve self-defense, physical fitness, and personal development. Nevertheless, to outperform your opponents in MMA, you must master its powerful techniques.

Roundhouse kicks are one the most effective techniques that can help you secure a win. We are here to help you identify blunders you can make while exercising.

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Avoid Repeat roundhouse kicks 

Seeking perfection in any combat sport should be your priority. It is always a good idea to learn skills and techniques that can help you get through. MMA is a versatile martial art. You not only require custom MMA gloves to make your combat effective but techniques, too.

Roundhouse kicks are the most practiced technique in MMA. As a MMA enthusiast, you must be well-versed in it. Before we jump into common mistakes you’re most likely to make in a roundhouse kick; it is vital to know what it is actually. 

What are roundhouse kicks?

Roundhouse kicks are a striking technique where you rotate your body and extend your legs horizontally to deliver a powerful blow to the opponent. You can target the opponent’s head, torso, or legs with it.

Nonetheless, to exercise it perfectly, you need to avoid certain mistakes. We have identified the following customary roundhouse kick blunders you can make as an amateur MMA player.

Mistake #1: Poor balance

Poor balance is most likely to occur when a striker fails to maintain balance proper stability. The lack of balance while delivering roundhouse kicks can be costly. It not only impacts the effectiveness of the kick but also makes you vulnerable to counterattack.

Here are a few consequences you can face due to poor balance.

  • Decreases power

Your kicking power can significantly be minimized with poor balance. Effective roundhouse kicks rely on rotational force from hips and core. The balance is compromised when you lose your kicking power.

  • Reduced accuracy

Poor balance leads to inaccurate kicks. Precise targeting can be hard to achieve in MMA. Poor balance can cause kicks to miss targets. You can face such situations in competitive sparring or self-defense.

  • Risk of Injuries

Poor balance can increase the risk of injuries. Lack of stability can land you in awkward landings and falls. Such a landing can cause sprains in ankles or knee injuries.

Mistake #2: Telegraphing the kicks

Telegraphing in roundhouse kicks refers to unintentional signaling of your kicks before execution. In MMA, telegraphing can be a critical mistake. It alerts your opponents and helps them prepare for roundhouse kicks.

It can lose the effectiveness of your kicks and can put you in a tough situation. Telegraphing has the following consequences.

  • Predictability

Telegraphing announces your moves before you execute them. It makes your action predictable and helps opponents prepare for defense. Moves like a shift in weight, change in posture, or a slight winding up motion allow opponents to prepare beforehand.

  • Compromised power

For effective execution of roundhouse kicks, you require seamless transfer of power from hips and core. Telegraphing can disrupt this power transfer and result in less powerful kicks.

Mistake #3: Inadequate hip rotation

To execute proper roundhouse kicks, you need to engage your hip movement fully. With inadequate hip movement, you’ll lose the effectiveness of your roundhouse kicks. It can lead to negative consequences.

  • Slower kicks

When you don’t engage your hips fully, it leads to telegraphing and slower speed. Such sluggishness can give opponents enough time to react.

  • Reduced range

Inadequate rotation of the hips can result in a reduced range of motion. With a full hip rotation, you can extend your leg further to strike the target at a greater distance.

  • Increase vulnerability

Inadequate hip rotation can make you vulnerable to counterattack. Such an act may also compromise your balance.

Mistake #4: Incorrect foot positioning

Incorrect foot positioning occurs when you fail to attain an optimal position in the execution of kicks. Proper foot placement is essential for balance, stability, and effectiveness in the ring. Here are the consequences of incorrect foot placement.

  • Limited defense capabilities

Martial arts is one intense combat. With ineffective roundhouse mistakes, you can lose your defense capabilities. Unstable stances can lead to hardship in blocking or evading incoming strikes.

  • Reduce energy level

 With improper foot placement, your energy levels can be significantly reduced. You can feel the fatigue while executing roundhouse kicks with poor positioning.

Mistake #5: Lack of chambering

Chambering is the fundamental step in roundhouse kicks. Its absence can lead to negative consequences in martial arts. Chambering takes place when you neglect to lift and position your knees towards your chest properly.

  • Inefficient techniques

Lack of chambering results in inefficient kicking techniques. It can be hard to control, and you might struggle to maintain balance.

  • Lower confidence

As a martial artist, your kicking abilities can significantly reduce with a lack of chambering. This lack of self-assurance can impact your overall performance.

Preventing mistakes in roundhouse kicks

To prevent mistakes in roundhouse kicks, you need to be mindful of certain pointers. Here are a few tips to make your roundhouse kicks effective.

  • Learn proper techniques

For proper techniques, you need to study the mechanics of roundhouse kicks. Learning the fundamentals is crucial in proper execution.

  • Regular drills

Incorporating regular kicking drills in your practice sessions will improve your memory muscles. Also, it is less likely to make mistakes. 

  • Gradual speed increase

As you become more comfortable with roundhouse kicks, it is important to gradually increase the speed. Avoid the temptation to rush for fast kicks.

  • Sparring and partner training

Practicing roundhouse kicks with controlled sparring or partner drills. It allows you to adapt realistic approaches to various situations.

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Are roundhouse kicks effective?

Roundhouse kicks are known as one of the most effective and efficient. It comes from the side and is unexpected. Roundhouse kicks are powerful because of hip and body rotation.

Are roundhouse kicks easy?

Roundhouse is the most basic kick you’ll learn upon joining a martial arts gym. Roundhouse kicks are practiced in various disciplines, such as Muay Thai, karate, taekwondo, and kickboxing.

Does Muay Thai have roundhouse kicks?

Roundhouse kicks are a staple of Muay Thai. However, for Muay Thai, you have to drill your roundhouse kicks to use them effectively.


To sum up, we can say that if you opt for proper execution of roundhouse kicks, it can boost your performance in no time. Roundhouse kicks can create a great impact on combat skills. Blunders in roundhouse kicks can bring you hardships. 

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