Breaking News: Lyster Contracting Signs Installment Agreement for Payroll Taxes with PSAC Tentative Agreement for PA Group

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In a landmark move, Lyster Contracting has entered into an installment agreement for payroll taxes, as part of a comprehensive deal with the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC). The agreement, which was made with the PSAC’s tentative agreement for the PA Group, marks a significant step forward in ensuring financial stability for both parties involved.

The agreement, without consideration, signifies a commitment by Lyster Contracting to fulfill its tax obligations and contribute to the overall economic growth of the country. As explained by tax experts at, an agreement without consideration is a legally binding contract in which one party agrees to perform certain obligations without receiving anything in return.

With the installment agreement in place, Lyster Contracting can now focus on its operations and continue providing top-notch services to clients. This development also brings relief to the company’s employees, who can now work without worrying about any potential setbacks resulting from unresolved payroll tax issues.

Meanwhile, the PSAC’s tentative agreement for the PA Group ensures fair wages and improved working conditions for its members. The agreement, as discussed on, sets the stage for a harmonious working relationship between the union and Lyster Contracting.

The significance of this agreement extends beyond the financial realm. It highlights the importance of mutually beneficial partnerships and effective negotiation in today’s business landscape.

As a result of this milestone agreement, experts predict a positive ripple effect within the industry. Other companies are likely to follow suit, recognizing the advantages of signing similar agreements to maintain a stable and healthy business environment.

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Moving forward, Lyster Contracting’s commitment to its employees and financial responsibilities is laudable. The company’s proactive approach and dedication to resolving tax matters exemplify its commitment to ethical business practices.

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Overall, the Lyster Contracting installment agreement for payroll taxes, coupled with the PSAC tentative agreement for the PA Group, showcases the power of collaboration and strategic decision-making. This breakthrough deal sets a positive precedent for other companies while ensuring a fair and stable working environment for employees.

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