Best places to visit in Baltimore

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Baltimore is the largest city of Maryland. Here you can find a lot to explore about the Patapsco river. The place is surrounded with the popular attractions and things to do. There are outstanding museums here along with pavilions, restaurants, shops and pavilions. The place is open for tourists. Baltimore’s neighborhood is also the part of the lovely attractions that you can find here. The museums, the historic sites, the cultural activities and the orchestra all are the best in their own self.

Fort Mc Henry monument

This is one of the famous historic sites here. This place was built in 1798 and the place is inspired by the National anthem. The fort’s visitor can learn a lot from this place. You can know a lot about the history of the place with the living demonstrations of history. So, try being here to know a lot about the place and its importance in Baltimore.

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The Walters art museum

The museum if located in the Vernon district. This is one of the few museums that let you explore the comprehensive history of art. The place helps you to explore the treasures such as enamel, bronze and large reserve of illuminated manuscripts. The trend of French painting is represented through the collection. The museum id notable in many ways and the collections are easily accessible to children.

National Aquarium

This place is one of the most visited attraction in Baltimore. The place has a huge complex and the ocean environments are such a vibe. The tropical rainforests are completely worth tour. You can find here all kinds of birds, mammals and frogs. Moreover, you can meet sharks, dolphins and monkeys as well.

American visionary art museum

The place is regarded to be one of the amazing museums that you can explore while you are on your trip to Baltimore. The place is the most unusual and has worked upon the self taught artists around the world. Exhibits here include the sculptures, fabric collages, embroidery and a lot more. The exhibits have an exuberance and there is something very provoking about the place.

The main architecture of the place is the artistic creation. There are various awards that are won for the design and the beauty of the place. If you are looking for great gifts then this is the place that you should surely explore.

Baltimore’ museum of art

If you are a fan of art, then this is your go to place. This is the largest museum and has a broad spectrum of styles for you to explore. The worlds largest collection can be explored from here. Moreover, Picasso, Gogh and Andy Warhol like notable artists works can be explored from here. Not only modern art, but you can find out the most important African collection from here.

So, get to explore the best art and architecture here on your trip to Baltimore. Moreover, book your tickets to the place and get the best benefits on your tickets through the Spirit airlines ticket booking.

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