study mbbs in china
study mbbs in china

Best Pediatric Cardiology Hospitals in India: From Specialized Care to Affordable Treatment Cost

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With the growing number of heart diseases, it becomes essential to combat the disease with advanced infrastructure, the latest medical technology, specialized care, and experienced medical professionals. India is the fastest-growing medical tourism place for patients suffering from any type of medical complication, including heart disease. The best pediatric cardiology hospitals in India help patients get back to everyday life, give a tough fight to their medical conditions, and win the medical battle. 

What is Pediatric Cardiology and its Conditions?

Pediatric cardiology is in the medical field that deals with heart conditions and other types of heart disorders, mainly in infants, children, and adolescents. It treats the heart disorders that develop during childhood. Pediatric cardiologists are the professionals who offer comprehensive care to people, mainly children with diverse heart conditions.

What are the Heart Conditions that Come Under Pediatric Cardiology? 

  • Congenital Heart Defects – These types of heart conditions or structural abnormalities are developed by birth in children. It can be minor to significant levels that can be dangerous to the health.
  • Heart Rhythm Disorders –This disorder is related to treating irregular heartbeats or abnormal heart rhythms in children. Cardiologists help in managing the disturbance in the patient’s heart.
  • Cardiomyopathies – This is a heart disorder that affects the muscles of the heart and can lead to heart failure in patients and generate various heart-related complications as well.
  • Valvular Heart Disease –This disorder can lead to evolving problems related to the heart valves that can poorly affect the blood flow through the heart. The surgical process can give some relief in this condition.
  • Acquired Heart Conditions –This category is related to infections and inflammatory diseases in the heart. These disorders take place in the child by birth.

What is the General Treatment Cost for Pediatric Cardiology?

The cost of the treatment for pediatric cardiology ranges between INR 1,70,000 and INR 2 40,000. The cost of this treatment is minimal in India compared to other countries. The cost of the treatment includes various factors, including the surgeon’s fees, consultation charges, hospitalization charges, follow-up care, testing, and many others. 

Are there any Complications in the Pediatric Cardiology Treatment? 

Heart surgeries are the most complicated segment of the medical treatment. Although the treatment helps the patients to get back to their normal routine, the complexities of the treatment become a hurdle sometimes. These heart conditions demand personalized treatment plans and care. The complications of the treatment can be tackled by including various strategies by the medical professional, which includes the regular monitoring and early detection of the disorders and many others. 

What Are Some Of The Best Pediatric Cardiology Hospitals In India?

Here are some of the best pediatric cardiology hospitals in India which offer impressive results in the field – 

Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, New Delhi 

  • Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital is one of the leading hospitals in the field of pediatric cardiology, established in the year 1994.
  • It has various accreditations, including NABH & NABL. These accreditations ensure that the patients of the hospitals get quality treatment under international medical care.
  • With more than 300-bed facilities, advanced medical infrastructure, OPDs, and many other units, it is committed to offering its patients comprehensive & and personalized care.
  • Apart from its specialization in pediatric cardiology, it is also well known for its cancer-related treatment, bone marrow transplantation, and many others.
  • The dedicated team of the hospital treated thousands of patients with care on an annual basis. 

Vijaya Hospital, Chennai 

  • Vijaya Hospital is one of India’s best hospitals, established in 1972.
  • The hospital has a record of completing more than 13,000 heart surgeries and more than 50,000 angio procedures today.
  • It is accredited by NABL & NABH to provide its patients with treatment under international medical standards.
  • The medical professionals and staff of the hospitals are very generous and devoted to their work, which is improving patients’ health and lifestyle. They deal with patients’ compassion and care.
  • Other than pediatric cardiology, the hospitals are working in various other fields, including orthopedics, trauma, and many others.

Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai 

  • Breach Candy Hospital is a well-established pediatric cardiology hospital, established in 1950 and working continuously to make a better life for people suffering from various diseases.
  • The medical structure, advanced infrastructure, and innovative approaches for treating patients are the USPs of this hospital.
  • The medical staff and professionals are well-qualified and experienced in their field. They provide patients with a satisfactory treatment outcome.
  • The accreditation with the NABH assures the patients that their treatment is in the qualified and responsible hands under international medical standards.
  • The hospital offers treatments for thousands of people annually around the world, including many eminent personalities from the entertainment industry to political personalities.

Continental Hospitals, Hyderabad

  • Continental Hospitals is one of the hospitals under the network of best 22 hospitals, established in 2013.
  • It provides the best medical services to its patients through various facilities, including more than 750 beds on the hospital premises, diagnostic tests, medicines, therapies, OPDs, and many others.
  • Along with its expertise in pediatric cardiology, it is also popular for joint replacement surgeries, gastroenterology, liver diseases, women and child care, and many others.
  • This reputed multi-specialty hospital has an experienced team of medical professionals who make the medical journey smooth for the patients.
  • Thousands of patients with diverse medical complexities visit the hospitals annually and get positive results. 

India is an emerging one-stop solution for all kinds of heart diseases and other medical complexities. The best pediatric cardiology hospitals in India guarantee patients affordable and quality medical treatment care and services. The cost of the treatments is under the budget of the people, which becomes the strongest reason for choosing India as many people worldwide. Indian hospitals have a pool of qualified medical professionals who handle patients with quality and personalized care. These hospitals aim to make medical care affordable and accessible for all to offer everyone better health and life.

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