Bajaj Pulsar 125
Bajaj Pulsar 125

Bajaj Pulsar 125 Specifications: Unveiling the Power and Performance

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Bajaj Auto introduced to the Indian motorcycle market a scaled-down version of the Pulsar 150 back in 2019. It was the Pulsar 125. The ‘scaling down’ was limited to the engine displacement. In simple words, the new Pulsar motorcycle will borrow almost every electromechanical part from the Pulsar 150. But the engine will be a 125 CC unit.

That was a brief introduction of the Pulsar 125. In the following sections, this post will highlight the Unique Selling Points of the Bajaj Pulsar 125.

Here goes.


Thanks to the 125 CC engine, the Pulsar 125 is the most fuel-efficient Bajaj bike in the Pulsar range. To put things into perspective, the real-world mileage of the Pulsar 125 is 50 KMPL.


The next Unique Selling Point of the Bajaj Pulsar 125 that has time and again enticed customers from all walks of life is the price. The Pulsar 125 is the most reasonably priced 125 CC motorcycle available in India. The current national average ex-showroom price for the base trim Pulsar 125 is Rs. 82,712. The top trim of the Pulsar 125 entails the national average ex-showroom price of just Rs. 94,580.

Design, dimensions and presence

The overall design, dimensions and presence of the Pulsar 125 are similar to the Pulsar 150. Even the tyres of the Pulsar 125 are chunky, especially for a 125 CC motorcycle. This is a Unique Selling Point as one would not be able to differentiate the Pulsar 125 from the Pulsar 150 when both bikes are parked side by side. Only eagle-eyed individuals will be able to spot the subtle differences between the two motorcycles.

Engine and transmission

Powering this Pulsar bike is a 125 CC, single-cylinder engine. The engine is equipped with DTS-i technology. The exhaust system is paired with Bajaj’s ExhausTEC technology. The engine is fuel-injected and air-cooled. The 125 CC engine is the most powerful unit in its class especially when one considers the power and torque outputs of the engine. To put things into perspective, the peak power output of this engine is 12 BHP. On the other hand, the peak torque output of the engine powering the Pulsar 125 is 11 Nm.

The most extraordinary aspect of the engine found in the Pulsar 125 is that the peak power and the torque outputs are made available to the rider at relatively low engine speeds (RPM). The engine is very refined and vibrations are negligible on city speed limits. However, on the highways, when the bike is cruising above 100 KMPH, the rider would feel some level of vibrations on the handlebar, the fuel tank and the footrests. The engine power delivery is linear. The engine does not feel as if it is out of breath at triple-digit speeds. The acceleration is impressive for a 125 CC engine. The engine is paired with a 5-speed gearbox with precise gear ratios. The clutch is a wet multiplate unit. The gear shifts are a bit clunky, to be honest. But one will get used to it over time!

Motorcycle parts

The suspensions, the chassis and the rear swingarm are all borrowed from the Pulsar 150. This means that the overall handling of the Bajaj Pulsar 125 is similar to the Pulsar 150. In terms of braking, however, the base and middle trims of the bike are available only with drum brakes. The top-end trims however are available with front disc and rear drum brakes. Bajaj has chosen to not offer ABS on the Pulsar 125. However, irrespective of the trim, the Pulsar 125 is offered with a Combined Braking System as a standard option.


The overall riding comfort of the Pulsar 125 is perfect for city commutes. One can also take the Bajaj Pulsar 125 on long rides. The neutral seating position, the easy-to-reach handlebar, the neutral-set footrests and under 800 MM seat height make the Pulsar 125 the most comfortable 125 CC street commuter bike in India.

The Pulsar 125 is the best 125 CC motorcycle for those who want to own a Pulsar but with a less powerful engine. It is the best bike for beginners and the perfect motorcycle for college students. The price is reasonable and the ownership costs are low. The overall ownership experience is also immaculate. To learn more about the Pulsar 125, head over to the nearest Bajaj bike dealership and test-ride this motorcycle today!

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