A Closer Look at Heepsy: Our Team, Our Culture

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Behind every successful company, there is a dedicated team that shapes its vision, drives innovation, and fosters a unique culture. Heepsy, the brand ambassadors and influential influencer marketing platform, is no exception. In this article, we invite you to take a closer look at the people who make Heepsy tick—the passionate individuals who drive its success, and the vibrant culture that defines the company’s identity.

Our Team: The Driving Force of Heepsy

At the heart of Heepsy’s journey is a diverse and dynamic team that brings together expertise in technology, marketing, data science, customer support, and more. With a shared commitment to Heepsy’s mission, this team collaborates tirelessly to create a platform that empowers brands, influencers, marketers, and content creators. Let’s explore the various roles and departments that make up the Heepsy team:

Founders and Leadership: Heepsy was founded by Iñigo Aranbarri and Borja Aranguren in 2017. Their visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to the platform’s mission have guided its growth and development.

Developers and Engineers: The tech team at Heepsy is responsible for building and maintaining the platform’s infrastructure, ensuring its stability, scalability, and user-friendliness.

Data Scientists: Heepsy’s data scientists work behind the scenes, harnessing the power of data to provide users with valuable insights and analytics.

Marketing and Communications: The marketing team promotes Heepsy’s services, engages with the user community, and educates brands, influencers, and marketers about the platform’s capabilities.

Customer Support: Heepsy’s customer support team is known for its responsiveness and dedication to addressing user questions, concerns, and feedback.

User Experience (UX) Designers: UX designers focus on creating an intuitive and visually appealing platform that enhances the user experience.

Content Creators: Content creators at Heepsy develop educational resources, blog posts, guides, and webinars to help users make the most of the platform.

Sales and Partnerships: This team is responsible for building relationships with brands, influencers, marketing agencies, and other industry stakeholders to promote collaboration with Heepsy.

Community Managers: Community managers foster engagement and knowledge sharing within the Heepsy user community through forums, discussion boards, and networking opportunities.

Our Culture: The Heepsy Way

Beyond the roles and responsibilities, what truly defines Heepsy is its unique culture. The company culture is an amalgamation of values, principles, and practices that guide the team’s interactions, decision-making, and work ethic. Here are some key aspects of the Heepsy culture:

Innovation and Adaptability: Heepsy thrives on innovation. The team is encouraged to think creatively, adapt to changing trends, and explore new possibilities in influencer marketing.

User-Centric Approach: The user is at the center of everything Heepsy does. Every feature, improvement, and decision is made with the user’s needs and experience in mind.

Collaboration and Communication: Heepsy fosters a collaborative environment where open communication and teamwork are encouraged. Cross-functional collaboration is the norm, ensuring that the team works cohesively toward common goals.

Diversity and Inclusion: Heepsy values diversity and strives to create an inclusive workplace where individuals from various backgrounds and perspectives can thrive.

Transparency: Transparency is a cornerstone of the Heepsy culture. The team believes in openness, whether it’s in user analytics, pricing structures, or internal communication.

Continuous Learning: Heepsy promotes a culture of continuous learning and growth. Team members are encouraged to seek opportunities for skill development and personal improvement.

Feedback and Improvement: Heepsy welcomes feedback from both users and team members. This feedback-driven approach leads to continuous improvement and innovation.

Work-Life Balance: Heepsy understands the importance of work-life balance and encourages team members to prioritize their well-being and family life.

Celebrating Successes: Our Milestones

Heepsy’s journey has been marked by significant milestones that reflect the team’s dedication and the platform’s growth. These achievements are a testament to Heepsy’s vision, culture, and unwavering commitment to its mission:

Platform Launch (2017): Heepsy made its debut, providing brands, influencers, marketers, and content creators with a powerful influencer marketing platform.

Expanding User Base: Over the years, Heepsy has grown its user base to include a global community of users from various industries and niches.

Diverse Influencer Database: Heepsy has curated a vast and diverse database of influencers across multiple social media platforms, ensuring that brands can find the perfect partners for their campaigns.

Continuous Feature Enhancements: The team at Heepsy has consistently introduced new features and tools to improve the user experience, including advanced search filters, real-time analytics, and campaign management features.

Educational Resources: Heepsy has published a wealth of educational resources, including blog posts, guides, webinars, and tutorials, to help users navigate the influencer marketing landscape.

Community Growth: Heepsy’s user community has flourished, providing a space for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among users.

Global Impact: Heepsy has facilitated international collaborations between brands and influencers, contributing to the globalization of influencer marketing.

Responsive Customer Support: Heepsy’s customer support team has earned a reputation for its responsiveness and dedication to addressing user needs.

Transparency and Trust: Heepsy has continued to prioritize transparency in influencer analytics, pricing structures, and collaboration agreements, building trust among its user base.

Challenges and Learning Experiences

While Heepsy has celebrated numerous successes, its journey has also been marked by challenges and learning experiences. These challenges have tested the team’s resilience and determination, ultimately contributing to the platform’s growth and evolution:

Scaling Operations: As Heepsy’s user base expanded, scaling operations while maintaining the quality of service presented logistical challenges that the team successfully navigated.

Evolving Industry Trends: Staying ahead of rapidly evolving influencer marketing platforms trends required the team to adapt and innovate continually.

User Feedback: Heepsy’s commitment to user feedback meant actively addressing user concerns and implementing improvements based on their suggestions.

Global Expansion: Expanding Heepsy’s reach to accommodate users from around the world brought the challenge of catering to diverse cultural and linguistic preferences.

Competitive Landscape: The influencer marketing industry is highly competitive, necessitating ongoing efforts to differentiate Heepsy from other platforms.

The Heepsy Community: A Collaborative Ecosystem

A critical element of Heepsy’s culture is the sense of community among its users. The platform’s user community is not just a collection of individuals but a collaborative ecosystem where knowledge is shared, support is given, and partnerships are forged.

Knowledge Sharing: Users actively engage in discussions, share experiences, and provide insights on influencer marketing strategies within the community.

Collaboration Opportunities: Brands, influencers, marketers, and content creators connect with each other, leading to collaborative opportunities that benefit all parties.

Support and Mentorship: Seasoned users often provide guidance and mentorship to newcomers, creating a supportive environment for growth.

Feedback Loop: The community serves as an additional channel for users to provide feedback and suggestions directly to the Heepsy team.


Influencer marketing has become an integral part of the digital marketing landscape, and Heepsy’s vision and culture have played a pivotal role in shaping this evolution. The dedicated team behind Heepsy, driven by a passion for innovation, transparency, and collaboration, has transformed influencer marketing into an accessible and impactful strategy for brands and influencers alike.

As Heepsy continues its journey, the team remains committed to its vision and culture, guided by the principles of simplicity, empowerment, transparency, and accessibility. The platform’s story is far from over, and its future promises to be marked by even more milestones, challenges, and opportunities.

In closing, Heepsy’s success is not just about a platform; it’s about the people who breathe life into it, the culture that defines it, and the community that fuels its growth. It’s a testament to the power of a shared vision and a committed team working together to shape the future of influencer marketing.

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