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8 Common Issues in Commercial Roof Installation in Atlanta

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Your roof might not always be at the forefront of your concerns; it doesn’t require attention like the immediate exterior or the interior of your building. Yet, neglecting your roof could lead to significant issues, impacting not only the robustness of your structure but also creating operational, financial, and even legal liabilities if a disaster strikes. If you notice any wear and tear in your building, you must contact the best roofing company in Atlanta.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a well-maintained roof—it’s not just about aesthetics but about safeguarding your investment. Whether residential or commercial space, roofing challenges are not new to anyone. Hence, we’ve curated a list of the eight most prevalent issues that commercial roof owners have to deal with regularly. Stay with us till the end to learn about the challenges of commercial roof installation in Atlanta.

Commercial Roof Installation Challenges in Atlanta 

#8 Standing Water

A challenge predominantly encountered by commercial buildings, as opposed to homeowners, is the issue of standing water on the roof. Unlike residential structures, which are typically designed to allow gravity to guide water down, commercial buildings lack this advantage even in clogged drains.

Many commercial buildings sit on a level plane due to the presence of large AC units atop them. This design quirk makes standing water a significant concern for owners because water has no natural pathway to follow when drains are clogged. If left unattended for an extended period, standing water can cause substantial damage, deteriorating the building’s roof and interior.

#7 Poor Roofing Installation

The complexity is undeniable for commercial roofs as they demand significant labor and time investments from contractors and building owners. It’s absolutely crucial for a building owner to grasp the caliber of professionals working on their property’s roof. The intricacies of commercial roofing, distinct from residential setups, necessitate a specialized approach. 

Features like protruding piping and sizable AC units are especially vulnerable to the elements if the roofing job isn’t executed with precision and expertise. Hence, understanding the expertise of the roofing team is paramount to ensure the longevity and integrity of a commercial building’s roof.

#6 Pitch Pan Leaks

Pitch pan leaks are a prevalent concern, especially in large manufacturing facilities with numerous roof penetrations. These pitch pans, also known as “pitch pockets,” essentially metal containers comprising pipes or joints, are sealed with bitumen or flashing cement to prevent leaks. However, issues arise when the sealer in the pan dries and shrinks or due to structural movement in the building, causing potential leaks.

These problems aren’t limited to vast manufacturing spaces; even roofs with a single penetration can face pitch pocket leaks. The reasons behind these leaks often involve the drying and shrinking of the sealer, structural shifts in the building, or movements in the roof penetration itself. While pitch pan problems almost always lead to leaks, skilled roofing maintenance technicians are adept at identifying these issues early. 

#5 Flashing

As evident by now, water-related problems pose significant challenges for building owners of any industry. However, the root cause of these issues isn’t water itself but the elements that enable its infiltration. Flawed flashing, designed to shield objects like chimneys, often becomes the culprit. This protective layer, crucial for preventing water seepage, can sometimes be compromised, leading to potential water damage within residential homes. Addressing these flashing concerns promptly is vital for maintaining the structural integrity of buildings.

#4 Drainage Matters in Commercial Buildings

Multiple drain lines are a common feature that can lead to significant problems. The obstruction of even a single drain in such a case can initiate roof damage. Clearly, any standing water or debris on the roof poses a substantial threat, potentially causing severe harm if ignored over an extended period. It’s crucial for businesses to stay vigilant and address these drainage issues promptly to safeguard their valuable investments.

#3 Punctures in the Roof

No, not your tire “punctures”! These punctures happen when external elements like tree branches or storm debris exert enough pressure on your roof, causing the materials to collapse inward. Whether these punctures are small or large, they can escalate into severe roofing issues if neglected. 

Yet, another often overlooked but preventable cause is walking on the roof. Depending on the type of commercial roof you have, a person’s weight, especially when combined with specific shoe sole textures, can puncture your roof. If walking on your roof is necessary, minimize damage by using walkway pads to reduce wear and tear. It’s a small investment that can save you from significant roofing issues down the line.

#2 Improper Maintenance

The deteriorating condition of a roof isn’t always the fault of the owner’s negligence; a considerable responsibility lies with the individuals tasked with its repair. Often, more severe issues arise due to the use of incorrect tools and supplies during repairs. Ensuring that suitable materials, especially industrial-grade supplies, are used for commercial roofs is essential. Unlike those suited for residential homes, industrial stores offer robust protection against wear and tear in high-use areas.

Hence, it is crucial to entrust your commercial roof installation to the best roofing company in Atlanta, who understands the specific demands of industrial roofing. By relying on experienced professionals, businesses can guarantee the longevity and durability of their roofs, preventing future problems and ensuring a secure environment for employees and assets.

#1 Surface Erosion

Residents in regions of extreme weather, be it scorching heat or freezing cold, understand the toll it takes on roofs. Regular roof inspections, preferably biannually, are crucial to detect any signs of surface erosion. In these harsh conditions, roofs can exhibit long-running cracks and tiles that become fragile and may break down over time.


Surface erosion compromises the roof’s structural strength and poses risks to the interior of homes, leading to potential leaks and water damage. By staying vigilant and promptly addressing erosion, homeowners can safeguard their properties, ensuring longevity and resilience against the challenges of severe climates. 


Regarding roofing challenges, commercial building owners face various issues, each demanding attention to detail and proactive solutions. Understanding and addressing these challenges promptly is not merely a task; it’s an investment in the longevity and integrity of your valuable commercial property. The intricacies of commercial roofing demand expertise, and choosing the best roofing company in Atlanta for this task is crucial.

Remember, in every detail of roofing, from pitch pan leaks to drainage matters, lies an opportunity to safeguard your investment. Choose a roof company wisely, act promptly, and you will get the best commercial roof installation that will stand resilient against the tests of time.

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