5 Small Businesses That Can Benefit from a Conveyor Systems

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Conveyor systems are versatile and widely used in various industries due to their efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in material handling and transportation. However, many small businesses forgo the use of conveyors because they can’t justify the cost, or feel that this type of equipment is only for larger operations.


The fact is, many small businesses can really benefit from investing in a conveyor system. Five small businesses that should consider investing in a conveyor include:


  1. Landscaping/Gardening


If you own a landscaping or gardening businesses, odds are you spend a lot of your day hauling heavy materials such as rock, stone, wood, and dirt across uneven terrain. Portable conveyor belts, called roller stands, can help minimize the time spent moving heavy materials while protecting you and employees from injury. Look for roller stands with adjustable legs to ensure an even surface for moving materials.


  1. Arts & Crafts


Many artists and crafters operate out of a garage or basement, requiring them to store supplies and finished products in ways that are not efficient nor safe. Roller conveyors come in all sizes, and allow for the easy transport of packages from a workbench directly into the back of a car. There are also conveyors that allow for the movement of objects on an incline, which can help you maximize a small space.


  1. Farms


Even small farms and vegetable gardens can benefit from a roller stand or small conveyor. Roller conveyors allow for items to be processed at a standing height, reducing the amount of stooping and bending a person must do. When harvesting fruits and vegetables, conveyors allow not only for transport, but also inspection, cleaning, and further processing. Investing in a conveyor for your home farm can make the harvesting process much more efficient.


  1. Boutiques


A boutique with a conveyor? You might wonder how this type of equipment could benefit a small, independently owned shop; however, these systems can be more useful than you might realize. Often, boutiques are run by one or two people. This means, if there is inventory in the back or shipments that need to be processed, it can become too much for a single person. A conveyor allows one person to easily move inventory to and from the store room while still be available for customers.


  1. Screen Printing


Screen printing is a popular small business that involves printing designs on a variety of fabrics using screens and ink. A conveyor is useful in many stages of this operation, from loading and unloading heavy boxes of materials and textiles to processing, packaging, and sending orders.


Benefits of Conveyors for Small Businesses


Investing in a conveyor system can provide several significant advantages for small businesses including:

  • Cost Savings: Over time, conveyor systems can result in substantial cost savings. They reduce the need for manual labor, which can be expensive and prone to errors. Additionally, they minimize product damage and losses during handling, saving money on replacements and reducing waste.
  • Enhanced Safety: Conveyors promote a safer working environment by minimizing the physical strain on employees. This leads to fewer workplace injuries.
  • Consistency and Quality: Conveyors ensure consistent product movement and handling, reducing the risk of damage or defects. can lead to higher product quality and fewer customer complaints, enhancing a small business’s reputation.
  • Scalability: Conveyor systems are flexible and scalable, allowing small businesses to adapt to changing production needs.
  • Space Optimization: Conveyors can be designed to maximize available space, making them suitable for small facilities. Vertical conveyors, spirals, and compact layouts help optimize floor space.
  • Competitive Advantage: Conveyor systems allow small businesses to compete more effectively with larger companies. They can fulfill orders faster, offer competitive pricing, and meet customer demands more efficiently.
  • Time Savings: Employees can spend their time on more valuable tasks, such as quality control, customer service, or process improvement instead of manual labor.

In conclusion, investing in a conveyor system can provide significant benefits for many different small businesses, including improved efficiency, cost savings, safety, and scalability. Small businesses that rely on efficient material handling and production processes can enhance their competitiveness, reduce operational costs, and position themselves for growth.



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