2 Days in Copenhagen with Kids: From Fairy Tales to Tivoli Thrills, A Family Love Story!

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Copenhagen, the charming capital of Denmark, is a city where fairy tales come to life, and it’s not just for grown-ups. This vibrant and kid-friendly city offers a treasure trove of experiences for families traveling with children. From enchanting castles and colorful canals to the exhilarating Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen with kids is an adventure that promises to create lasting memories. So, fasten your seatbelts as we embark on a 2-day journey through Copenhagen, highlighting the best activities to enjoy with your little ones.

Day 1: Exploring Fairy Tales and History

Morning: The Magical Tivoli Gardens

Our Copenhagen adventure begins with a visit to one of the world’s oldest amusement parks, the Tivoli Gardens. Nestled in the heart of the city, this enchanting wonderland is a perfect place to start your family’s Danish escapade.

The Tivoli Gardens offer an array of attractions suitable for all ages. From thrilling rides like the Demon roller coaster to whimsical carousels and gentle boat rides, there’s something for everyone. For younger children, the Tivoli Aquarium is a must-visit, with its mesmerizing underwater world.

Don’t forget to indulge in some delectable Danish pastries and ice cream at one of the park’s charming eateries. Tivoli Gardens also hosts live performances and entertainment, ensuring that your family has a memorable time throughout the day.

Afternoon: A Visit to Rosenborg Castle

After a morning filled with excitement at Tivoli Gardens, take a short stroll to Rosenborg Castle, a true Danish treasure. This elegant Renaissance castle, surrounded by beautifully manicured gardens, offers a glimpse into the country’s royal history.

Inside the castle, children can marvel at the dazzling Crown Jewels, including the crown, scepter, and orb of the Danish monarchs. The castle also features a collection of antique toys, providing a fascinating look into the playthings of the past.

Evening: Nyhavn – Where Fairy Tales Come to Life

In the evening, take a leisurely walk to Nyhavn, Copenhagen’s iconic waterfront district. With its colorful buildings, picturesque canals, and vibrant atmosphere, Nyhavn is like a scene straight out of a fairy tale.

For a special treat, embark on a canal boat tour, where your family can enjoy stunning views of the city from the water. As you glide along the canals, your guide will share fascinating stories about Copenhagen’s history and landmarks, making it an educational and entertaining experience for the kids.

Choose one of the waterside restaurants for a delightful Danish dinner. Many of them offer child-friendly menus, so your little ones can savor traditional dishes like smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches) or classic hotdogs.

Day 2: Adventure and Creativity Awaits

Morning: The National Aquarium Denmark – Den Blå Planet

Start your second day with a visit to Den Blå Planet, also known as the National Aquarium Denmark. Located just a short drive from the city center, this state-of-the-art aquarium is a captivating experience for kids of all ages.

Inside, you’ll encounter an astonishing variety of marine life from around the world. Walk through underwater tunnels where sharks and rays glide overhead, and admire the vibrant colors of coral reefs. The aquarium also offers interactive exhibits and touch pools, allowing children to get up close and personal with some of the ocean’s most fascinating creatures.

Afternoon: A Bicycle Adventure in Freetown Christiania

Copenhagen is renowned for its bike-friendly infrastructure, and there’s no better way to explore the city than by bicycle. Rent a family-friendly bike, complete with a child seat or trailer, and head to Freetown Christiania.

This unique neighborhood is an oasis of creativity and alternative culture, making it a captivating destination for curious minds. Explore the colorful graffiti-covered streets, visit art galleries, and soak up the vibrant atmosphere.

Evening: A Magical Finale at The Little Mermaid

Wrap up your Copenhagen adventure with a visit to the iconic Little Mermaid statue, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s beloved fairy tale. This world-famous sculpture sits on a rock by the water’s edge in the Langelinie promenade.

As you gaze upon this enchanting statue, retell the story of the Little Mermaid to your children. It’s a fitting way to conclude your fairy tale-filled visit to Copenhagen.

Practical Tips for a Family-Friendly Trip

  • Transport: Copenhagen boasts an excellent public transportation system, including buses, trams, and the efficient Metro. Many attractions are within walking distance, but public transport can be convenient for longer journeys with kids.
  • Accommodation: Choose family-friendly accommodations with amenities such as cribs, high chairs, and play areas. Many hotels in Copenhagen cater to families.
  • Cuisine: Danish cuisine offers a variety of options for even the pickiest eaters. Encourage your children to try traditional Danish dishes like Æbleskiver (round pancakes) and Danish hotdogs.
  • Language: While Danish is the official language, most Danes speak English fluently, so communication won’t be a barrier.
  • Safety: Copenhagen is known for being a safe and family-friendly city. However, it’s always essential to keep an eye on your children in crowded areas.

Copenhagen with kids is an unforgettable journey filled with enchanting experiences, educational discoveries, and family bonding moments. From the magical Tivoli Gardens to the historic Rosenborg Castle and the creative spirit of Freetown Christiania, this city will capture the hearts of both young and old alike. So, pack your bags, bring your sense of wonder, and embark on a family love story in Copenhagen—a city where fairy tales truly come to life.

In Copenhagen, your family will not only create cherished memories but also experience the magic of a city that welcomes children with open arms. It’s a destination where the whole family can share in the excitement, adventure, and wonder of a place that feels like it’s been plucked straight from the pages of a storybook. So, don’t wait; plan your family trip to Copenhagen today, and let the enchantment begin!


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